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Assume you are from another planet and have been sent to Earth

Resolved Question:

Assume you are from another planet and have been sent to Earth to determine if it is a religious planet or not. Your superiors are expecting a report back.

What does religion look like
Submitted: 5 years ago.
Category: General
Expert:  replied 5 years ago.


Religion on Earth looked very primitive. Their minds haven't evolved to the point where they can comprehend accepting things that they don't understand. They are still in the early stages of of religion where they can only understand spirituality by confining it to their own human form and emotions. For example, their "God" is thought of as a guy with a robe. And they often talk about what he "feels".


They don't understand that spirituality is much bigger than that.


And that it includes things that the "religious" often deny, like scientific principals, physics and quantum mechanics that are far more elegant than what they have developed to comprehend. They must put them into a human context because they still think they need to completely understand something before it actually exists. They also believe that nothing, including universal and perfect laws of physics are more powerful than than the characters they fabricate. They don't realize yet that they are talking about the same things that we already know.


I expect that within the next five hundred to a thousand years, they will be able to break free of this limitation and see the higher power in the universe itself - that there are many things that, when we do figure them out, show themselves as complex, yet perfect, and that these forces in the universe are what hold the power of everything that happens here. These forces act as we know, with what appears to be massive intellegence, but not intelligence that even our minds have evolved to comprehend. With time, they will understand that there are simply things that we don't yet understand - and the answer isn't in taming those forces. Instead it is the process of growing closer to understanding these forces that the mind will become more "god like"... more understanding of the Universe.


Plus, earthlings smell a little funny. Oh and have to move their "lips" to communicate like we did hundreds of thousands of years ago.... and that orifice doubles as a feeding hole. It's all a bit bizarre, but they'll catch up. Of course, politicians will have to be addressed separately, as they seem not to evolve.

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