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I am seriously interested in learning how to live self sufficiently,

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I am seriously interested in learning how to live self sufficiently, off the grid, etc...can you recommend and particular books on the subject or methods of how to learn how to do this? I ask because it might save me some time in reading many books just to find one that has been known to be the most helpful etc.....I want to get right down to learning and not spend so much time figuring out the best books, methods, sorting through the piles. Thank you very much.
Hello, welcome to Just Answer.

This is a subject that really interest me. Can you give me a bit of background on your skills and experience as it could help me to know the blank you might need to fill.

Note that there is two kind of "self sufficient". Those that think it's easy and only require some things (like books) and just want to reduce the reliance on society and those that really want to push the envelope and do it on a high level.
Customer: replied 5 years ago.
We have owned & operated a dairy farm in the past, I have raised small animals my whole life, have had a couple of produce gardens and herbs. My greatest talent is animal rasing, it comes naturally and is a passion, so the work involved is a privledge and done with ease no matter how hard, it is always worth it for me to have happy animals. But I have not thought past the feed store feed with them. What if there is no way to get rabbit do you feed the animals then, etc....
I want to be the "high level" self sufficient, or at the least have the knowledge to do so if I wanted.
I lack in building skills and my brain doesn't grasp that area real well, I can picture what i want in my head but lack the knowledge and possible skill level to achieve it. I guess I am heavy on the creative designer side, but maybe I could learn the skill to build if taught.
I tend to naturauly think outside of the box and always ask why that way? Is there a better way?
Hope this helps, and thanks for your response.
That is good, having a good supply of food is the first step.

Note that this is not an easy life style and it's not (currently) an economical way of life. So you really need to do this if you find that really interesting or really feel that our current society is rapidly going down the drain and you want to be ready Noah style, or else you might invest time and money for nothing if you find down the road that it's not for you.

There is load of books on the subject but none i saw is the definitive guide. The good thing is that most are free ebooks.

You need to learn that nothing is trash, everything is useful. You need to build an inventory (myth buster style). You need to learn lot of mechanical skill. Not only to fix stuff but how everything work. You need to solder, have lot of machining tools. Learn how to use wood and if possible have land with lot's of it. You need to be VERY disciplined when it come to maintenance.

As for food and animals, read everything you can get on "permaculture". This will give you all the skills on how to not have to rely an extern supply like pellet or fertilizer.

You can learn a lot from self taught individuals. Youtube is a great resource to meet such persons. Here are a few from the top of my mind:

jeri ellsworth (electronic and controls).

Jme Mantzel (building stuff and plain coolness)

Dan Rojas (for your power need)

Ben (for more power need)

A guy doing forestry right:

Very simple guy that speak a lot of wisdom:

You may also enjoy watching this movie it's very relevant to what you want to start.

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Customer: replied 5 years ago.
Thanks so much for helping me get my jump start, you have been a blessing to me! Keep up the great work here on JA and I highly commend never your never ending studying & experimenting, this world needs more people like you! Blessings!