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Bumble bee problem.

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Bumble bee problem. Bumble bees have started living in the eave of my house (i.e. above the soffit boarding). They appear mainly to be getting through a small hole in the soffit board where the telephone line enters my house, but they are also squeezing through small gaps between the soffit boarding and the wall of the house near the hole for the telephone line. The problem is this. If these were wasps, I wouldn't think twice about killing them with some poison (e.g. the powder you can buy from DIY shops). But these are bumble bees. I like bumble bees and I don't like the idea of killing them. But when the weather gets warmer and we start keeping the windows open, the bees are going to become problematic in that they may come into the bedrooms, or we will at least worry about them coming into the bedrooms. My question is this: Is there a humane way of getting rid of the bees without having to kill them? I doubt that there is a way, but I would like a second opinion.


If these are Honey Bees or any other type of Bees the only way to get rid of them would be is to get rid of the nest with the queen. With that being said if these are Honey Bees, you may want to try and find a local Bee keeper and see if he will come and remove the nest for you. Honey bees in some states are protected and becoming fewer and fewer, so finding out from the State or County extension will be important before disturbing the nest. This goes over some of the ways to get rid of the bees:

There are also Bee Removers that specialize in removal of hives. Once the hive is gone, then at that point you will need to cover the hole, as there is still a phereomone that the bees give off that may draw them back to the area. Joan

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