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Question for expert JamesStone I recently found out that the

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Question for expert JamesStone: I recently found out that the oil wells will be named. What would be a good name for the second well. It's a name that all of the LP would know about. Anything good come to mind? The first well is ROSE or possibly THE ROSE "?" anyways, I wasnt too fond it, so I thought hey...maybe on the next few we could name them, hehe
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Hmm well one thing I've noticed with CA (actually not just CA), but a lot of things when named tend to be named in groups. Like the streets around where I grew up on were all different types of trees, like lemon, orange, cherry, etc.

Not necessarily suggesting that in particular, but I would say either pick a theme and find names that fit, or sometimes things are named after people that are particularly meaningful to them.

Another common theme relates to the business, IE "explorer," "discovery," or even playing on that theme, you could name them after famous explorers, like "Magellan," "Drake," "Raleigh," "Columbus," "Balboa," and the like.

I hope you find that helpful! There are certainly many possibilities!
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Customer: replied 6 years ago.
Thanks again for this suggestion, I think its good to keep things consistent and balanced.