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My husbands ex-wife is taking him to court to change the child

Resolved Question:

My husband's ex-wife is taking him to court to change the child support agreement to have the children supported past 21. We have retained a lawyer but have not met him yet. He has sent us a financial statement to fill out before we see him. It asks for all our financial information including bank account numbers. He also wants to know how much I make. I don't feel comfortable with this. Please tell me why he needs this and who will get a copy of all this. I know my husband's income is an open book, but why everything else. Thank You Cathy
Submitted: 5 years ago.
Category: General
Expert:  Teacher Editor replied 5 years ago.

Linda Roch :

Hello and welcome! If you have any other questions, please let me know or please click Accept.

Linda Roch :

He is asking you for this information because your husband's ex-wife may request this information from the court.

Linda Roch :

She is allowed to look at your household income and since you are legally married, your attorney just wants to make sure that all the basis are covered.

Linda Roch :

While you are not obligated to pay child support, your household income does go into account to figure out how much your husband has to pay for child support to the ex wife.

Linda Roch :

They also want to make sure that nobody is trying to hide any money so they want to know how much money is in your bank accounts.


I don't know why they need to know how much money we have or don't have. In the past it has gone by my husband's income and the child support chart. Who will have access to our bank accounts?

Linda Roch :

They don't have access to your bank accounts but your attorney is trying to make sure that all your money is protected so if the other side wants to make an issue about anything, he doesn't want to be surprised. In my firm, we always have the clients disclose everything to us so that no surprises come up.

Linda Roch :

You don't want the ex wife saying that your husband is hiding money in your bank accounts or that he really gets paid more so your attorney wants to be prepared

Linda Roch :

All that information is confidential between you and your attorney

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