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This is for California Security Question. Need expert with

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This is for California Security Question. Need expert with concrete answer that knows the BSIS wait times and the direct number to call when the process is over 45 days.
Hello, Here is the information you requested

Yes. You must contact the Bureau at(NNN) NNN-NNNN It takes approximately six weeks from the date we receive an application until it is entered into the computer. It takes approximately four to six months to complete the process of issuing a permit. Here is the website that gives some more information Thanks Tom

Customer: replied 6 years ago.



Thanks for the answer and will credit you. It sounds like you work for the BSIS. So let me get this straight. It takes up to a 1/2 year to get thru the system for the exposed weapons permit? This does not include the wait time for the intial Security Gaurd Card.


I had this guy that was in the same class and his Security Card came back within 30 days. He called the super secret number I suppose.


Here is my problem with this system. I'm an unemployed Navy Veteren with 20 years of service and all I want to do is serve as law abidding security guy... and get off the milk train of unemployment. I have a family to keep up and plenty of security firms that want to hire me. Just can't because of the backlog created by the state.


I am not frustrated with you (in which you did help) the frustration lays with the state and the over the top B.S. of a system that hampers than helps the law abidding public.

Hello, There is a possibility that the other applicant had a prior secure clearance from the armed service or another state that expedited the procedure. California is one of the states that would rather you didn't have a gun. I can find no way to expedite your application . Thanks Tom
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Customer: replied 6 years ago.

Nope the guy was not even prior service I still have an active security clearance from the service it will expire Jun 2013. He told me it just took some phone calls. At the time I didn't think nothing of it and thought it would be a matter of days for mine to get thru..


Anyways.. I just know if your not going to the police academy or wroking federal they will always get to the head of the line but their should be limits. If your waiting for over 90 days you should get some type of status...


This sounds like I'm going to have to visit my local State Representive office with a stack of paperwork... If this gets to be more than 3 months of waiting... What else do I have but time heck I am sucking up unemployment...right