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Hi, I am interested in getting a deep fryer,either a DiLonghi

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Hi, I am interested in getting a deep fryer,either a DiLonghi model F16301 with the fixed
basket, or,the model D/F 18316, with the rotating basket.
I wish to cook food with batter on, such as prawns or onion rings etc.. as well as chips of course.
Which model would you recommend for my suggested uses.
I wondered if the rotating basket would tend to knock the batter material of the prawns etc.. as it rotated.
I would appreciate your advice , and where I may purchase one.?
I live in Hobart, Tasmania.
Many thanks,
John Hodgson
Hello John, and welcome to Just Answer.

I've read varying reviews on the fryer with the rotating basket, and most of the comments were regarding chips. Some were favorable, and others didn't like several of the features of the fryer. The only good thing about it, economically, is that it uses less oil, but it seems to have other drawbacks. Some reviewers said that the chips would get overdone on the outside, yet, there were some raw spots, inside. Also, most of the time, they must be manually separated at first, so they don't stick together.

If you're not aware of how the rotating basket works, it is automatically raised and lowered in and out of the oil at intervals, and I agree that if you are cooking food with batter on it, like prawns or onion rings, this action may cause the batter to fall off, especially if it is not down in the oil for a long enough time at first, to secure the batter on the food before it is automatically raised out of the oil by the fryer.

For your purposes, it sounds like the regular fryer with a stationary basket, would be better.

You can find this DeLonghi deep fryer at these online stores:

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