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I have a harold bell wright book The winning of barbara worth

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I have a XXXXX XXXXX wright book The winning of barbara worth which was published in 19ll, this is not the first edition since this book was published by a. l. burt company, but on the inside is a signature ernest wright, i would like to know who ernest wright was.
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There was a writer named Ernest Wright at the turn of the century - he is famous for writing one book, Gadsby, which did not use the letter "e" at all - which is actually rather impressive. However, due to a fire, most editions of the book were lost. He did publish a few other works. As to why he would sign a book written by XXXXX XXXXX Wright, I really couldn't say. They lived at the same time, and they were both writers, so it's possible they knew each other.

There are a few other Ernest Wright's throughout history - that one seems the most likely, but, again, I don't know what the connection to your book would be.
Lucy, Mensa Member
Category: General
Satisfied Customers: 29267
Experience: Expert Internet Researcher and Trivia Master
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