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What is meaning of the lion and the lamb I know it is from

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What is meaning of "the lion and the lamb"? I know it is from the Bible, but that is all I know.

The Lion and the Lamb both take on different biblical meanings depending on the context used. The Lion is often used as a metaphor for strength, power, and might and is often depicted in a negative (but sometimes positive) light.


The Lamb is a metaphor for kindness, giving, sacrificing, innocence, etc. and provided food (a source of meat) and clothing (wool) and was seen as a "protector" of sorts and depicted as good. The Lamb is referenced often in various texts.


In a biblical since God is seen as mighty and powerful like the lion and but kind and giving like the Lamb. The Lion and the Lamb share qualities that are considered virtuous in humans and particularly in leadership. One should be kind and generous (like the Lamb) but also know when to discipline (like the Lion).


The Lion and the Lamb when used together is also symbolism for harmony and togetherness as otherwise the Lion would eat the Lamb.



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