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How Do I Get A Reset For Password If Fb Does Not Repsond To

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How Do I Get A Reset For Password XXXXX Fb Does Not Repsond To My Request? This has been going on almost a week with no reset code. I try daily to get this information but they do not respond . They instruct it will be sent to my email shortly , twice I got an email to reply to , I replied and still no reset code was sent!

Now I am not getting a response from for this ANSWER SERVICE, what is the deal ????

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Unfortunately, there are two options for you to continue with your Facebook account. The first is to be persistent and continue to contact them via email and wait for someone to respond. This may take awhile from my own personal experience.


If you get tired of waiting for a response, you can always create a new Facebook account and start over with adding your friends.


Beyond waiting or opening a new account, there really is nothing you can do. Facebook is the only option for getting your current account reopened with the code you have requested.

Customer: replied 7 years ago.

I have waited almost a week and have sent requests everyday, I tried opening a new acct as you suggested today and it will not let me since my email is already assigned.

This is frustrating to not have a help or support service for FB. So no this has not been helpful and a waste of money and time also. I have been told that FB usually responds very quickly (like within minutes).

If you open a new account then it will have to be attached to a different email as well. I understand that you are looking for a quick fix to the problem you are having, but unfortunately that can only come from Facebook responding to your emails. Being persistent is your only option beyond a new account with a new email.


Best of luck!

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Customer: replied 7 years ago.

At this point I am wanting a fix not a quick one so at this point is mute, that would have been a week ago.

A new email address would cause more trouble than not using FB, I did find a number for FB but their support does not take calls , just refers you to their page for help! Setting up a new acct and all that is involved is just not worth the effort, I still am trying to get a response from them daily . I have thought of going through a local news help this point what the heck!

I accept your answer but was no help to me , if you cannot get through to FB or know how to ,it was just no help, been there done that !