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Tyler, Professional Researcher & Musician
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Hello, I need some advice. I have been emailing a girl from

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Hello, I need some advice. I have been emailing a girl from russia for about 2 months.
she seems very nice. Her emails are hard to understand sometimes. MY problem is that i'am 40 and consider myself fairly handsom. She is in her mid 20's. I keep asking her for her age and birthdate but she never tells. Me she just tells me how nice iam and I would make a perfect mate for her. She has even mentioned the "L" WORD. She has sent me many pictures, all of them seem real. She has never mentioned money. She has only been very interested in my job and life. How can I tell if she is real. I recently emailed her and asked for her address. What can I do to Make sure I'am really talking to this girl or if it is a scam. She says she has no phone. By the way I dont know how she got my email address. I currently am subscribed to several dating sites but none in russia.
Hello and thanks for using!

I wish there was a way to verify her identity. Unfortunately, we live in an age where online communication can be easily made anonymous. I'm happy to hear she has not requested money and I'm happy to hear you're aware of the possibility that this could be a scam. The fact that she's not willing to give you a birthdate is also suspicious -- She may be much younger than she's admitted or perhaps it's a security measure to avoid you discovering who she really is (or isn't). Even if she does provide you with an address, there's no way to know for sure if it belongs to her. Have you asked how she got your e-mail address?? It's nice to find someone who make you feel good about yourself and shows an interest in being in a relationship. However, this seems like a very complicated and possibly suspicious progression. Be careful with the information you share and I hope she gives you the answers you've asked for. If she doesn't, I think you have further reason to think this may not be a real person you're connecting with.
Customer: replied 7 years ago.
dear XXXXX, I did a reverse email search on this girl and the email and IP comes from San Diego California. She says she has to wait for several weeks for a phone to be put into her apt. How can she have email access and no phone. And why wouldnt her address go through san diego instead of directly to me? Is there yahoo access in russsia? I wrote her demanding her address and birthday or i would cut off all communication. I have not heard from her since. She says she lives in orsk russia which is a very populated and industrialized city. I have had girls try to scam me before from other countries but they usually asked for money after the first couple of emails. Maybe this question is beyond your experience. But i would appreciate any feedback.
The e-mail could be accessed at any location that provides wi-fi or those places that provide computer / internet access (internet cafés, libraries, etc.) so she wouldn't necessarily need her own phone line in order to use an e-mail account.

As for the routing, I'm out of my league on that question. I'd be happy to transfer this to another forum so someone who may have more experience and knowledge in that area might be able to assist you. We also have a "general" forum of researchers who investigate questions such as this. Let me know if you'd like me to transfer the question for you.

I do think it's smart of you to avoid contact until she provides the answers you're looking for. It seems very unusual and suspicious that an honest individual looking for a relationship would avoid such basic questions about location and identity. I know there are a lot of scams like this out there -- better to be cautious than to risk being taken advantage of emotionally &/or financially.
Customer: replied 7 years ago.


I'm sending it off now. I wish you the best of luck!
Customer: replied 7 years ago.
will someone be contacting me one this subject? Thank you

One of the things you told me sent up a red flag--the fact that she initiated communication with you and found YOUR email address. An email address is not like a phone number--at least not yet--they are still very private for most and not easily available via a web search. There are a lot of financial scams that occur in this manner. It sounds like "she" may be trying to establish a trusting relationship with you, which might possibly lead to her asking for money. She may also be collecting your personal information (you said she was very interested in your life and job) and could use it to steal your identity. These days we must all be very careful with our information. My best advice, which I hope you will take, is to discontinue communication with her entirely. If you are, as you say, a fairly handsome guy in his 40's, you need not bother yourself with an unknown woman thousands of miles away. There's nothing wrong with becoming involved with a Russian woman and developing a romantic relationship, but there are several legitimate international agencies that deal in such things in a safe manner.

Please let me know if I can help you further! Best wishes.

Customer: replied 7 years ago.
She got my email address from yahoo personals, and the closed her account. her profile is no longer available.
Customer: replied 7 years ago.
She has mostly inquired about my day to day life. And has neve mentioned or asked for any money. she says she has love at first site for me. Her emails are hard to understand so i dont know if she is real or not. But she did get my email address from yahoo personals. I know there are alot of scams out there.
I think in this situation you have to consider the sheer oddity of her coming in contact with you. There are too many things that are simply not normal about this situation. How often does a 20-something girl go after a guy in his 40's? And if she does--why? I know she has never asked for money. She may not ever ask for it. But you might eventually think you are in love with her too and start sending her things, gifts. Then six months from now she tells you her mother is very sick and they have no money for a doctor--so what do you do? Send her money. This whole thing stinks. There's no good reason for a normal woman in her 20's to reach out to a man in his 40's an ocean away and call it love at first sight. That's just another red flag. I'll be honest, I felt like I was in love at first sight about 20 times today. She is flattering you and trying to gain your trust and attention.

There's about a 98% chance this is a scam. By the way--I'm a former police officer and have seen this kind of thing before. Even if this situation falls into the other 2%, I still would be wary of the mental state of a woman who looks for love two continents away.

Tyler, Professional Researcher & Musician
Category: General
Satisfied Customers: 6009
Experience: B.M & M.M.. Skilled at in-depth research. Former police officer.
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