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Pond cleaning - I am about to start filling mesh bags with

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Pond cleaning - I am about to start filling mesh bags with barley straw to put in our large pond to help clean growth and keep it under control. i need to know the procedure, i.e. when to start using the barley straw, and how long should I leave the mesh bags in the water? Do I need to tether them so that I can retrieve them when they sink? It's the first time we've done this!
HelloCustomer welcome to Just Answer.

First, you will need about 50g per sq meter of pond surface. You also need to have this in full sun (might be easy to do as the pond is large, probably always areas without shade).

You start to use it the sooner possible so the enzyme can build fast enough (the "bio-reactor" can take 2 to 6 week before being fully operational). The sooner you start, the less straw you will need

The barley will last about 5 month, 4 if water temperature is high. To prevent the bio-reactor to stop and need to be restarted each time, you can pair the straw bags (with physical contact) so that the enzyme of the old bag will populate the new bag before being puled out.

The way this work is that it will release a gas in water that the sun will transform in hydrogen peroxide in slow enough quantity to only affect algae. That mean that to be maximally effective, the straw need to always be close to the surface (sun have more power there) by having them float (plastic bottles re-use work nice for that).

For the enzyme to really work well the water need to move around the barley (so it must not be packet too thigh) to bring fresh oxygen and carry away the produced gas. If you have some kind of pump filter or water intake to the pond, placing straw there will work best. Sometime for big pond, wind mill pumping oxygen into water are of great help, if you have one, place the slaw around that.

Once you have finish with the barley straw, you can compost it,
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