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i got a free sample from celebrity teeth they then billed me

Resolved Question:

i got a free sample from celebrity teeth they then billed me for54.95 on my master card. i also got a free sample from sands pass llc they billed me for 158.27on my master card. i called my bank and they told me to contack you to help me to get this credited to my account and to make sure they do not charge me in the future XXX@XXXXXX.XXX
Submitted: 7 years ago.
Category: General
Expert:  Cher replied 7 years ago.

We are an 'advice' site, we do not sell anything, so we cannot refund the charges on your MasterCard. You will need to contact the companies directly, to request your refund. You can place the charges 'in dispute' with your credit card company/bank, and also ensure that you did not sign up for any 'recurring' monthly charges with these companies, to avoid further aggravation.

I wish you much good luck and hope you can get your card credited without too much aggravation.

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Best wishes,
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