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John Henderson
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I have written four boks and a publishing co has published

Resolved Question:

I have written four boks and a publishing co has published them. I'm looking for ways to sell them. Two are books for children. I'm looking for companies that might make puzzles, coloring books and gift wrap using the illustrations that are in the books. I own the illustrations.How might I find a talk show that I might get on? Thanks Evohn Sartorius
Submitted: 7 years ago.
Category: General
Expert:  John Henderson replied 7 years ago.

Your publishing company should set up some local book signings. What city/state are you in. I can find some book stores that may be interested. They like the local idea and are usually approachable by your agent, if you have one. I saw your 2 children's books - what are the other 2?


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Customer: replied 7 years ago.
The two adult books are- If You Want A True Friend Get A Four Legged Dog. It based on a dating service. The people were 18 years old to 86#. There were some funny things happened. The book is on the internet under my name Evohn Sartorius. The second book is about when I sold real estate in Ca. I was in a group that was hit with sticks and purses when we were leaving a bldg. in LA. Ca. I was peed on by a little boy while I was signing papers on a house sale. There was a lot of things like that happenend to me. The book is being published at this time. Its called- The Fun And Tuff Times Of A Old Real Estate Sales Woman. I think if I could get a company to print puzzles and coloring books and maybe gift wrap using the illustrations that are in the kids books it would help the sale of them. I do own the illustrations