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How do I calculate the total of the values selected from my

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How do I calculate the total of the values selected from my drop boxes (I have 6) in a MS Word form?
Assuming your DropDowns are named (bookmarked) "DropDown1 through DropDown 6" and you have a text formfield "Text1" to hold the result, you could run a macro OnExit from each dropdown:

Sub CalcDDs()
Dim oFFs As FormFields
Set oFFs = ActiveDocument.FormFields
oFFs("Text1").Result = Val(oFFs("DropDown1").Result) _
+ Val(oFFs("DropDown2").Result) _
+ Val(oFFs("DropDown3").Result) _
+ Val(oFFs("DropDown4").Result) _
+ Val(oFFs("DropDown5").Result) _
+ Val(oFFs("DropDown6").Result)
End Sub
Customer: replied 7 years ago.
Will this work if my results aren't in a text formfield? I have 6 drop-down form fields where users select 1 - 5. Then I wanted to add up the total of the numbers they select. Should I change the field from a drop-drop to a text field?
No. The six dropdown fields is where your users select from 1 to 5. You have to have someplace to put the result i.e., assuming they pick 5 from each dropdown the result is going to be 30. Where do you want this result to appear. The procedure I provided assumes that it is placed in a text field bookmarked Text1. If you want that result someplace else then you will have to revise the code.
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