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My son out of desperation in finding employment applied to

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My son out of desperation in finding employment applied to something advertised on line as a mystery shopping job. Now they have sent him $3500 in travellers cheques and thru e-mail instructions to take some amount for his "pay" and put the rest in a particularly nominated bank. It definately is something bad of which he does not want to be part of. He asked them via e-mail for an address to send the money back, but they said he could not do that as the travellers cheques were made out in his name. Please help? Were can we go for help to deal with this?
Tamara Koskins
Hello Tamara,

Many 'mystery shopping' jobs advertised, are scams, and they prey on people who are desperate for employment; whenever they send you money and ask you to either cash the cheques and/or deposit them into your own bank account, then send them the cash or part of the cash, they are not a reputable company and you will only lose your own money to them if you follow their instructions.

Your son should not cash nor deposit any of these cheques and if they will not provide him with an address to return them, his best course of action would be to stop communicating with them via email and bring this matter to the attention of your local authorities.

I hope you and your son are able to resolve this matter satisfactorily!

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