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Lori, Research Analyst
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I am looking for Photoreactive fabirc - a fabric that is sort

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I am looking for Photoreactive fabirc - a fabric that is sort of a dullish white or gray - but - when it is exposed to a direct light source - it becomes a whiter than white color.

It was used on the costuming for the character 'Angel Islington' in the BBC miniseries 'Neverware' many years back.

It may be one of the many, many products manufactured by 3M (but they might not be the only ones that make it).

Where can I find this stuff to purchace? Can I purchace it online?

Here you go....hopefully, this is what you are looking for....


It appears as if there aren't many places that offer it, but....this may be the only one you need. Please let me know if I can help further!!


Customer: replied 7 years ago.

Hello Lori,


Unfortuantley, this was not actually the photoreactive cloth that I was looking for. The cloth/material that I was looking for becomes bright when you shine a light on it - the photoreaction is more like a super-reflection; the otherwise dull cloth becoming whiter-than-white only when light is directly shone upon it.


Having said that - the link that you produced is also for a photoreactive cloth of a different kind (permenant effects, it seems) - and it's very interesting!

I am not against giving payment for what you did find, even though it was not what I was looking for.


Would you mind briefly looking again for what I was trying to find?

If you cannot find it, I would still be happy to accept what you have sent me as a satistifed answer :)


Thank you!


~ Conor

Certainly....give me some more time this evening to peruse the web, and we'll see what I can come up with!!!

Customer: replied 7 years ago.

Sure thing! This isn't an answer that I need in a terrible rush.


Thank you, XXXXX XXXXX being willing to take another shot at this for me :)


~ Conor

I found this that you may find interesting - basically, purchasing the fabric of your choice and using photo chemicals, creating the photosensitivity yourself......I have no idea how expensive it would be but it's another option:


It sounds really interesting and I'd love to know if these work for you!


Lori and 46 other General Specialists are ready to help you
Customer: replied 7 years ago.


No luck on finding that photoreactive/photoreflective stuff, then?


Well, it is good to see more on the Blueprinting, because I was quite interested in that, too :)


Thank you, Lori!

I'm going to keep checking around....I'll update you if I find anything else!