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There has been an emergency that I need to attend to. I am ...

Customer Reply

Customer: replied 9 years ago.
There has been an emergency that I need to attend to. I am 18 years old travelling to Chicago, Il then to Galena, Il. I need to rent a car. Who will rent to me? Money is not my concern here. If no one will rent to me directly, I can have an older person as the primary driver however, they will not be available in person to sign the contract or take possession of the car.
Expert:  Scott replied 9 years ago.

Hi there Ryan,

Sorry to hear about your emergency.

Very few of the standard rental car companies (Hertz, Budget, Avis, etc) will rent to people under age 21 (and even then there are huge fees)... unless you are in the military.

However, Rent-A-Wreck does rent cars to people 18 and older.

Are you trying to rent the car in Chicago? If so, you'll need to take a cab to their location:

Let me know if you have any questions. If not, thanks for pressing "Accept".


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Customer: replied 9 years ago.
The car rental company does not rent to people under 18.
Expert:  Scott replied 9 years ago.

Really? They claim to on their website. I'll opt out to see if any other expert can find you one that does.


Expert:  Scott replied 9 years ago.

Hi there,

Another expert has kindly pointed out this discussion:

You might be able to rent a moving truck!