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Experience:  10 years in internet researching. I will answer any general info I have knowledge about.
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1. The lease common multiple of 3, 4, 6, and 8 is

Customer Question

1.   The lease common multiple of 3, 4, 6, and 8 is

     A. 8.
     B. 24.

     C. 72.

     D. 96.

2.   You're planning to buy a boat, a motor, and some miscellaneous boating equipment. The boat costs $325, the motor costs $225, and the equipment costs $79. If you've saved $438 toward these purchases, how much more do you need to save?

     A. $181
     B. $191

     C. $281

     D. $291

3.   Write 1,386 as the product of its prime factors.

     A. 2 x 693
     B. 2 x 3 x 231

     C. 2 x 3 x 7 x 33

     D. 2 x 3 x 3 x 7 x 11

4.   45 - 15 - 15 =

     A. 0.
     B. 1.

     C. 15.

     D. 30.

5.   At a local store you find the following prices listed:
Cellophane tape      2 rolls for $1.28
Note pads               3 pads for .87
Highlighters             1 for 1.59
Ink cartridges          2 boxes for 1.98

How much would you pay for one roll of tape, two note pads, two highlighters, and two boxes of ink cartridges?

     A. $4.50
     B. $5.72

     C. $6.38

     D. $8.07

6.   At the beginning of the week the balance in your checkbook was $298.72. During the week you made a deposit of $425.69. You also wrote checks for $29.72, $135.47, and $208.28. At the end of the week you received a letter from the bank indicating that they had deducted a $5.00 service charge from your account. How much is in your account at the end of the week?

     A. $47.22
     B. $52.22

     C. $345.94

     D. $350.94

7.   Find the product of(NNN) NNN-NNNNand 1,000.

     A. 9,872,365
     B. 987,236.5

     C. .9872365

     D. .09872365

8.   A used car is priced at $2,695. If you borrow the money for the car, your payments will be $122 a month for 30 months. How much will you save by paying cash?

     A. $233
     B. $333

     C. $965

     D. $1,075

9.   Subtract the quotient of 18 and 2 from the sum of 22 and 9.

     A. 4
     B. 5

     C. 22

     D. 23

Questions 10-11: These questions are based on this circle graph, which shows how an electrical contracting company divides its monthly income.

10.   In the circle graph above, you can see that 47% of the company's monthly income is used to pay the owner's personal salary. If the amount of the owner's personal salary was $2,176.10 this month, what was the company's total monthly income this month?

     A. $4,630
     B. $8,704

     C. $10,227

     D. $21,590

11.   What percent of the contractor's income is spent on salaries?

     A. 25%
     B. 47%

     C. 72%

     D. 76%

12.   Over a four-week period, Gail earned the following commissions?
Week 1     $250.00
Week 2       310.00
Week 3       275.00
Week 4       195.00

What was her average weekly commission for the period?

     A. $205.00
     B. $207.50

     C. $240.00.

     D. $257.50

13.   A strip of wood 66 inches long is to be cut into 51/2-inch pieces. How many pieces can be cut?

     A. 12
     B. 14

     C. 30

     D. 33

14.   The dimensions of a property are shown in the figure below.
How much would it cost to fence in this property if fencing costs $5.00 per foot?

     A. $385
     B. $825

     C. $1,425

     D. $1,925

15.   A student answered three questions on a 40-question test incorrectly. What percent did the student answer correctly?

     A. 7.5%
     B. 37%

     C. 43%

     D. 92.5%

16.   The telephone rates between your city and the city where your brother lives are $.54 for the first minute and $.22 for each additional minute. Calculate the cost of a 10-minute call to your brother.

     A. $2.20
     B. $2.52

     C. $5.08

     D. $5.40

17.   A piece of pipe is 303/4 inches long. If five pieces, each 41/3 inches long, are cut from the pipe, how many inches of pipe remain?

     A. 9 1/12 inches
     B. 9 3/4 inches

     C. 26 5/12 inches

     D. 26 3/4 inches

18.   Find the difference between the product of 26.22 and 3.09 and the sum of 3.507, 2.08, 11.5, and 16.712.

     A. 4.489
     B. 6.511

     C. 47.2208

     D. 58.3108

19.   If 31/2 pounds of bananas cost $.98, how much would one pound cost?

     A. $.14
     B. $.18

     C. $.20

     D. $.28

20.   A real estate broker sold your house for $72,000. The broker's commission was 6% of the selling price. How much would you get for the house after the commission is paid?

     A. $67,680
     B. $70,800

     C. $73,200

     D. $76,320
Submitted: 9 years ago.
Category: General
Expert:  Tracy replied 9 years ago.

1. B

2. B

3. D

4. C

5. C

6. C

7. B

8. C

9. C

10. Can not see graph

11. Can not see graph

12. D

13. A

14. Can not see dimensions

15. D

16. B

17. A

18. C

19. D

20. A

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