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I am trying to get information on UK and ...

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I am trying to get information on UK and other european snail mail/mail in sweepsstakes offers.
I am looking to put together a list of snail mail sweepstakes that Europeans can enter. The following are examples of US sweepstakes. I'm looking for similar sweepstakes, except it will be for Europeans:

           Postmarked 7/20/07
Iowa Corn Drive E85 Sweepstakes
PRIZES: Grand (1): 1-year lease on a new 2007 Chevrolet® Silverado 1500 flex-fuel vehicle, ARV $5700. Finalists (20): Chance to win grand prize, 2 general admission tickets to the 2007 Iowa State Fair in Des Moines, Fair parking pass, $50 ethanol gift certificate, ARV $75. Weekly (21): $20 ethanol gift certificate.
TO ENTER: On 3x5 card, hand print Name, Phone, Address, Email (if any), and Birthdate.
? Mail in envelope to:
      Iowa Corn
      Attn. Sweepstakes Coordinator
      5505 NW 88th Street #100
      Johnston, IA 50131
NOTE: Must be at least 18; with a valid driver's license. Limit one entry per person. Op
Customer: replied 10 years ago.
Relist: No answer yet.

Here is a directory of European sweepstakes companies:

Hope this helps.

John D and 16 other General Specialists are ready to help you
Customer: replied 10 years ago.
I'm sorry, but this is not what I asked for. I am looking for International SWEEPSTAKES OFFERS. yOU SENT ME LOTTERY INFORMATION. dIFFERENCE BETWEEN lOTTERY AND sWEEPSTAKES IS; Lottery requires entry fee--sweepstakes are free to enter

May be that's because in Europe they do not distinguish between the words "sweepstakes" and "lottery". In fact I doubt that any of the European countries have a word equivalent to sweepstakes" in their dictionaries: Here is what you get when you look up the word "sweepstakes" in some European language dictionaries:

German: lotterien

Italian: lotterie

French: loterie

Spanish: montos totales, concurso de azar

I hope this clarifies the matter.

Customer: replied 10 years ago.

I'm sorry for the confusion, but Sweepstakes and lottery ae two different things. I have been seaching for sweepstakes in the UK and europe and have found several and they are listed as sweepstakes. There is a legal difference between the two. You have to put up money for a lottery and sweepstakes are FREE. Sweepstakes are usually promoted by a company promoting a product while a lottery is a form of gambling. The original sample that Isent to you will demonstrate what a sweepstake entry looks like.

Some website examples are: or

I've uncovered severa; other sites which pretty much answers my original question.

I will still accept any new information you can give me.

Thanks again.


Thank you for the elaborate reply Richard.

I know exactly what you mean about the difference between sweepstakes and lottery. The point is that sweepstakes is a US term for lottery where people can enter for free, and for which does nit seem to be a European equivalent for. And this makes it difficult to conduct an online search on this term.

I tried to figure out what other countries use for sweepstakes, but could not find an equivalent term. Yes, some European website use the US word sweepstakes for this purpose, but they are only a few. Most of them must use some other word or phrase so it kind of gets tricky to find these sites.

If you can give me some time (an hour or so) I'll see what i can come up with. Thanks.

Customer: replied 10 years ago.
no problem

Another term you might want to use is competitions or contests.

Thanks for your continued help