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How do I get rid of River Otters under my mobile and how do

Resolved Question:

I ahve 2 River Otters that have moved under my moble home. How do I get rid of them and then get rid of the stench that they created under there?
Submitted: 10 years ago.
Category: General
Expert:  Don replied 10 years ago.

Hello friend,

Thankyou for your question.

Please let me know your city,state,country so I am sure to find the right help for you.


Customer: replied 10 years ago.
Reply to Don's Post: I live on Vancouver Island in BC Canada. There is a small pond at the back of my property that dries up in the summer (my part time waterfront) and it is a spill over from the Cowichan River during the rainy season. To date I have removed about 1/2 of the skirting around the mobile in the hopes that that would discourage them from nesting there. The stench is terrible but not much in the mobile now that the air can get at it...what can I spray on the ground under the mobile to neutraliae the stench? And how do I make sure they are gone and won't return? Thanks for any help you can give me Ann
Expert:  Don replied 10 years ago.


Thankyou for your reply.

River Otters usually have their kits about this time of year and will often move on after the kits are born.

Attempts to drive the mother away could result in babies dying under your trailer so you may want to be sure that's not the situation that would only add to the problem.

Kits are not ready to leave the den until they are about 3-4 months old.

I am offering you some options below to help with the smell you have currently.

To start with you'll need to somehow rake under the trailer to remove whatever you can. (wear a mask so you're not overcome) If you don't remove the source of the smell then it will return . Otters leave behind things like fish parts,etc.and Otters tend to have certain places that are used solely for toilets.This could be a part of the smell.

Using regular household bleach /water with a spray bottle would be tedious and a carefully used pressure washer might help after you've raked out as much as you can.

It's difficult to do I know and you may need to ask someone to help .

There is a product sold specifically to help kill the odor and it's here:;search=2;search=Animal%20repellents%2C%20Animal%20removal;limit=category;v=2.0 (Scroll down to "One Shot Deodorizer")

I think I would also use a sonic pest repeller year round or coyote urine and you'll find that at the website above also to keep the rascals away.

Using a fence that measures 3 x 3 (7.6 cm x 7.6 cm) or smaller wire mesh before you replace the siding can help prevent them from returning .Hog wire type fencing can be used but otters can enter through it by making the bottom wire larger,so you'd have to check that type more often.

The office listed below is for The Conservation Commission who may have help to offer you concerning your problem.

Vancouver Island Regional Office
#3 - 1200 Princess Royal Avenue
Nanaimo, BC V9S 3Z7
[email protected]


Customer: replied 10 years ago.
Relist: I still need help.
Thanks for your answer...there is not enough room under the mobile to get in there and rake anything...and it is 14' wide..The skat is very liquidy and woudln't rack at any rate....I don't know what to use to spray the bleach under that will go that distance....a pressure washer requires water and will delute the bleach will it not? Then it won't be effective? I obviously still need some advise....thanks.
Expert:  Cheryl K. replied 10 years ago.

I have to agree with Don about calling your local office there for help with removal but also it depends on your water source as to how strong the bleach will be. A pressure washer would work you just have to use more then 2 parts water to one part bleach and you have to make sure and wear a mask as the fumes will be quite strong. You just have to use less water strength and more bleach and this will allow tyou to place a good cover into the ground underneath your home. The only other way is with a fogger type killer but then that would only work while they were under there at the time. And I do agree with Don that it would be better to call the Conservative Commission as they are able to deal with these issues and have the proper tools to remove them safely as the key is to remove and not kill especially the babies and they can do this for you. The site Don gave you will help with the odor that you are having such issues with now and once they can be removed using skirting or wiring can help to prevent any furture problems. I am just offering my help with your situation so there is no way for you to accept my offer, he has sent word to other experts as well who may be able to also offer some other possible solutions as well but please for me accept his answer as it is wonderful advice and I am just adding a little to your response to him is all. I do wish you luck and if any other pet expert has more to add they will see this when they log in. Best of luck to you!!


Customer: replied 10 years ago.
Reply to Cheryl K.'s Post: Hi..sorry to be so long in getting back to you ... it has been a hard stuggle to gt rid of the "critters". I have taken all the skirting off the mobile to put as much daylight as I can in far as the stench is concerned I got a natural product called "Liqui-Bac" which is an enzime that "devours" the scat and odor. It seems to be very successful. I have also set out a trap to catch and then relocate the Otters .. so far after 2 days none has been trapped so perhaps they have moved on although 2 days ago I could hear them under the mobile at 3 AM so it is still ongoing. This is FYI should you need this information in the future. Thanks
Expert:  Don replied 10 years ago.
Don, Internet Researcher
Category: General
Satisfied Customers: 734
Experience: Specializing in intensive research for you
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