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How can I find out the weight of the copper content of ...

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How can I find out the weight of the copper content of various types of electrical cable per meter in g/kg's without having to strip and weigh varios AWG/mm2 lengths of cable or wire. I want to know so that I can quickly work out cash values of scrap cable.
Many thanks.

About 60% of all copper and copper alloys consumed in the USA are used because of the electrical conductivity of the metal, and about 80% of that is wire and cable.

So we assume that 20% of the weight of copper wire is actually copper. Here is a table of the weights of AWG/mm2 legnth cable wire with weights of different sizes of cable wire.

AWG Copper Wire Table
AWG Diam. (mils) Circular mils Ohms/1000ft Current Carrying Fusing Current Feet per Pound
0000 460 212000 0.050 - - 1.56
000 410 168000 0.063 - - 1.96
00 365 133000 0.077 - - 2.4826
0 324.85 105531 0.096 - - 3.1305
1 289.3 83694 0.1264 119.6 - 3.947
2 257.6 66358 0.1593 94.8 - 4.977
3 229.4 52624 0.2009 75.2 - 6.276
4 204.3 41738 0.2533 59.6 - 7.914
5 181.9 33088 0.3915 47.3 - 9.980
6 162 26244 0.4028 37.5 668 12.58
7 144.3 20822 0.5080 29.7 561 15.87
8 128.5 16512 0.6405 23.6 472 20.01
9 114.4 13087 0.8077 18.7 396 25.23
10 101.9 10384 1.018 14.8 333 31.82
11 90.7 8226 1.284 11.8 280 40.12
12 80.8 6529 1.619 9.33 235 50.59
13 72.0 5184 2.042 7.40 197 63.80
14 64.1 4109 2.575 5.87 166 80.44
15 57.1 3260 3.247 4.65 140 101.4
16 50.8 2581 4.094 3.69 117 127.9
17 45.3 2052 5.163 2.93 98.4 161.3
18 40.3 1624 6.510 2.32 82.9 203.4
19 35.9 1289 8.210 1.84 69.7 256.5
20 32.0 1024 10.35 1.46 58.4 323.4
21 28.5 812 13.05 1.16 - 407.8
22 25.3 640 16.46 .918 41.2 514.12
23 22.6 511 20.76 .728 - 648.4
24 20.1 404 26.17 .577 29.2 817.7
25 17.9 320 33.0 .458 - 1031
26 15.9 253 41.62 .363 20.5 1300
27 14.2 202 52.48 .288 - 1639
28 12.6 159 66.17 .228 14.4 2067
29 11.3 128 83.44 .181 - 2607
30 10.0 100 105.2 .144 10.2 3287
31 8.9 79 132.7 .114 - 4145
32 8.0 64 167.3 .090 - 5227
33 7.1 50.125 211.0 .072 - 6591
34 6.3 39.75 266.0 .057 5.12 8310
35 5.6 31.5 335 .045 4.28 10480
36 5.0 25.0 423 .036 3.62 13210
37 4.45 19.83 533 .028 - 16660
38 3.97 15.7 673 .022 2.5 21010
39 3.5 12.47 848 .018 - 26500
40 3.14 9.89 1070 .014 1.77 33410




If I need more information please let me know!! I am happy to help. If I have answered your questions, please accept and leave positive feedback so I can continue helping others. Thanks!


Customer: replied 9 years ago.
Relist: I still need help.
What I am looking for is table that tells me per meter (1000mm)length, of any given AWG/mm2 (US and UK sizes of cable core)the weight in Kilos of the copper core. I can see no firm evidence this answer that the core is approx 20% of the weight of any length of cable. I am hoping to have a point of reference whereby i am quickly able to calculate that the scrap value (for example) of 85 meters of 120mm2 4 core cable is £X based on the current market price of £Y per metric tonne   :)


There is a list at which might be more helpful. It has weights per length for standard wire sizes.

Customer: replied 9 years ago.
Reply to Peter's Post: Hmm, this table doesn't really help me that much. It gives a weight but for what length and it isn't clear if the weight given is for a single core, multiple cores overall or the combined cores and insulation? There is also a bit of confusion in the cable sizes between US and UK standardisation (ie AWG/mm2)It's probably a very useful table for an electrical engineer or somebody with a bit of technical knowledge, but I'm afraid it's not as concise an answer as I was looking for. sorry:-)
Actually, you could make your own table: The density of copper is 8.96 gm/mm^3

For any diameter of wire - the cross sectional area would be calculated by the formula for area of a circle

Area = r^2 * pi

To calculate volume you multiply by the length

If each unit was measured in mm (diameter and length) you would then get mm^3 as your volume. To get weight in grams - multiply by the density.

You could develop a spreadsheet that would automatically do the calculation for you, including any conversion you wanted from feet/meters or pound/kg
Customer: replied 9 years ago.
I'm rubbish at calculations like this. I'd really like a table based on the following:
1 core, 2 core, 3 core, 4 core.
(mm^2) 2.5, 4, 6, 10, 16, 25, 35, 50, 70, 95, 120, 150, 185, 240, 300, 400, 500.
kg per mtr, kg per ft.

If anyone can come up with an accurate table that would be worth $15.

If someone fancies writing software for a nice, tidy looking desktop application that I just enter 1.X no:core/s 2. X mm^2 3. X meter/ft
(and it would at the click of my mouse give me)
total= X kg copper content.
I'd happily pay an extra $30 for it! :-)
While I could develop such a table - the table that the other expert gave you really provides the information.

The link to the information is
In the details provided on this page this weight is WITHOUT insulation

Here is another table which gives the weight of solid and strand type with weight per 1000 feet

Let me know if these are what you are looking for

Customer: replied 9 years ago.
not really i'm afraid.
OK...I'll work on that over the next day - It will take a day or so
Here is an Word document with the information in table format (done in Excel)

If you print this and laminate it - you could carry it with you, and easily look up the weights

IMPORTANT - The diameter is the diameter of EACH CORE - NOT the the total diameter of the bundle. In cases where the cores were not equal in diameter - you would add the diameter of each core from the 1 core column

Customer: replied 9 years ago.
Reply to FamilyPhysician's Post: Hi, WOW! I'm still a little confused. I'm assuming that the second column is the surface area of a core mm^2? if so what is the first column? Also if this is the case then I only have calculations upto 5mm^2 and I only have length in feet (Everything's done in meters in the UK)
In the one I gave you: The first column is diameter in 1/1000's of an inch (MILS), the second column is the diameter in MM.

The 3,4,5 columns are the weight of 100 feet of single, double, and triple core
Colums 6,7,8 are the weight of 100 feet single, double, triple core in KG

I can convert this to kg per 100 meter if you would prefer, and only use the diameter in mm only. I can also extend the diameter to higher amounts if you want.

Here it is in pdf format

There was an error on the first one - this one has corrected that error. Sorry for the confusion.

Customer: replied 9 years ago.
Relist: I still need help.
This is getting really close to what I'm looking for. Now if we're able to reduce this table down to the following, we're there!
all i need is a table with weight in kg for one meter length, for the following core surface areas (all mm^2)
0.5, 0.75, 1.0, 1.5, 2.5, 4, 6, 10, 16, 25, 35, 50, 70, 95, 120, 150, 185, 240, 300, 400, 500, 630, 800, 1000.
If I get this I will be very, very happy!


I'm improving my Macromedia flash skills and I've created a nice little calculator for you.You can see it here.

Customer: replied 9 years ago.
Hi Peter, please please don't think that I'm trying to be awkward-I'm honestly not. But I've just typed 1 core of 120mm^2 X 1 mtr into the calculator and it's saying it's 101.335kg? similarly 1 mtr of 6mm^2 single core is also not coming out as I'd expect.
If you can get this ironed out I'll happily pay you as I've promised. The CopperWeightCalc looks fantastic by the way. Keep up the good work!!

Hi Marc,

120 mm^2 has a diameter of about 6.2 mm. A diameter of 120 mm gives an area of about 45 238 mm^2.

I am using diameter (mm across the copper core) not area (mm^2) for the calculator. This is so you can use enter the values in directly from the measurements and don't need to calculate anything first. If you have a handheld computer (PocketPC for example) with Flash you could put the calculator on there and with a micrometer and tape measure, you would have a portable tool.

I could change the calculator to use area if you need that.

Customer: replied 9 years ago.
Hi again, yes please! mm^2 is the standard classification for cable in the UK (its usually printed on the side of the casing), so if you can change the calculator to cross surface area that would be perfect.
Off-line until tommorow now, but thanks for your efforts so far, much appreciated!
I think this is what you need
Click here

Hi Marc,

Version 2 of the calculator has been uploaded to the same location.

Peter, Media Production Company CEO
Category: General
Satisfied Customers: 306
Experience: B.InfoSci.
Peter and 48 other General Specialists are ready to help you
While proofreading the link I gave you - I noticed that I had prepared the table correctly except I included 90 instead of 95 as your requested.

Here is the table with the values your requested

Peter's calculator will give you the same values as well if you want to use the online calculator as well.

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