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Experience:  I have eleven years experience writing statewide educational tests for all levels.
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I have just bought an old Ronson petrol lighter.

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I have just bought an old Ronson petrol lighter. Unfortunately, I have no idea how to put in the flint, and have tried every which way to put in the wick with no success. Do the lighters come apart, or is there some easy way to put in the wick. And where does the flint go? There is only one hole for both the wick AND the flint.



I understand from your question that the lighter is not working properly and I think you want to know the usage and repair of it. I found one link which specialises in Ronson lighters manufacturing and services. I am giving the information about it. You can write an e-mail to them for a solution Their customer service will attend on your problem. I am giving their link of the website. Please see the link below.

In the above link please click on the option CONTACT US. In that option you can see for phone no, fax, e-mail id, and postal address. You can write an e-mail about your problem.

I hope the above information will he helpful, if you like my answer please click on Accept button and any bonus is appreciated.

Thank you.

Customer: replied 10 years ago.
Ramesh, thanks for the link, but the lighter is not broken. It is just empty i.e. it needs a new wick, a new flint and new "wadding" (the cotton wool stuff inside that you soak with petrol.) I just need someone to go through clearly and precisely, step by step how to do all this. As I have said in my first post, the wick and the flint seem to go into the same hole, which is impossible. I have tried to push in the wick from the top and the bottom, but cannot. I have tried to pull the lighter apart, and have succeeded in braking a part off the top, I cannot open it. People must be doing this everyday. I have just never done it before, and need to know how.



Thank you and welcome back. I saw your reply and noted the contents. Frankly speaking i don't know the functioning of the lighter. Based on the reply given by you, I made an extensive web research about the procedure asked by you. But I could not find any information relating to your question. So I prefer you to take the lighter to any nearby stores in your area and explain the problem or take it to the shop from where you have purchased the lighter. They may advise you the solution. I think you will consider my suggestion.

If you are happy with my response, please click on ACCEPT button and any bonus is appreciated.

Thank you.

Customer: replied 10 years ago.
Sorry I cannot accept this answer.If there were a shop that I could take it to, I would have done so straight away. I live in a small village where there is no such shop. I bought the lighter from an online auction site and the seller does not know the answer to my questions. Maybe I have put my question into the wrong catagory? Can I put it into a different catagory?



Thank you and welcome back. I understand the problem. Here I am giving information about the lighter and the problem you are facing. I am giving a link below. I think it can help you to solve the problem.

Regarding the Ronson Lighter... the wick and the flint DO indeed go in the same hole. Please see the link for details. This link is self-explanatory as you can easily do the repair for yourself Please read the web page and see the option ''How lighter work". The procedure is explained so comprehensively. I hope this helps you a lot.

I Hope the above information will be helpful, if you are happy with my answer please click on Accept button and any bonus is appreciated.

Thank you.


Customer: replied 10 years ago.
Reply to Ramesh's Post: I do not find information on how to put in a wick and a flint when following this link. This link is for lighters run on butane GAS.These lighters do not need a wick. Mine is run on PETROL and needs a wick to be inserted. I cannot find anywhere any information about how to put in a wick. Without the wick the lighter does not work.

Generally speaking in lighters of this type either the lighter is encased in an outer casing which pulls off, or there are two screws on the bottom of the lighter. Since you say that the lighter does not pull apart, I will address the other type first. As I said, on the bottom there should be two screws, a small screw, which should be about directly below the wheel which strikes the flint and a larger screw which is generally centered on the bottom of the lighter. When removed, this screw should expose the wadding. To replace the wick in this type of lighter it is frequently necessary to replace the wadding. The procedure would be :

  1. remove the large screw. This should expose the wadding.
  2. If the lighter is in the condition it came from the manufacturer in, there will be a relatively thin pad running the length of the lighter. Try to grasp this with tweezers and remove it through the hole left by the screw. Try not to rip this if possible.
  3. After this is removed there is generally looser wadding similar to cotton balls. Remove this. You may need to use a thin metal probe to loosen this so you can get a hold on it.
  4. When you have removed all or most of the wadding, expose the hole where the wick was on the top of the lighter. Push the new wick into the lighter through this hole. It will not go in now if the wadding is not loosened.
  5. After you get the wick in, I suggest you clip or other wise be sure the wick does not pull through into the lighter.
  6. Repack the wadding.

You now should have a new wick installed. If there was not a second screw, a screw may be exposed as the wadding is removed. This second screw is where the flint would be put, when replacing it. When this screw is removed, there is a spring attached with a meal piece at the end. The replacement flint is placed in the hole the screw came out of and the screw is replaced. The spring maiintains tension to be sure the flint is in firm enough contact to generate the spark. If your lighter does not have this second screw I can not tell you how to replace the flint without the lighter in hand.

The second type of lighter pulls apart. Generally, these can be identified if you look directly down at the lighter. You will see an outer wrap of metal around the lighter with some gaps. If you can not pull this type lighter apart you will need to soak the lighter in a penetrating oil until it loosens. When it pulls apart, the wadding will be exposed fully and pull out easily for the same process as above to be followed.

If this is not helpful, I would need the lighter to see how to replace the flint or wick.


If your lighter

Viki, Internet Researcher
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Satisfied Customers: 860
Experience: I have eleven years experience writing statewide educational tests for all levels.
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