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Sally, med,background &internet research
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Customer Question

Which religions insist you won't make it to heaven on your good deeds, but being SAVED
Submitted: 11 years ago.
Category: General
Expert:  T. R. Miller replied 11 years ago.

Which religions? The quick answer is Protestant, Fundamentalists, but....

A better question would be which Churches make this claim. And the answer is Churches, generally that identify themselves with one or more of these phrases:

 - "Bible Believing"

 - "Fundamental"

 - Believing in a "literal interpretation of the Bible."

 - An emphasis on the "cleansing power of the Blood of Jesus Christ."

 - "Personal Salvation."

Perhaps if we knew the reason for your quesion, a more specific answer could be provided. What are you looking to find? or perhaps to avoid?

Expert:  Sally replied 11 years ago.


           Who so ever believeth in Me, shall not perish

            but have everlasting life.

The religions that you are requesting are





Luthern Missouri Senate







Expert:  Steve -- a.k.a. Oreport replied 11 years ago.

Just had a clarification -- the Roman Catholic Church -- often takes
the rap for teaching that so-called 'Good Works' will get you into
heaven.  Roman Catholicism does not teach (and has never taught)
this doctrine.

In spite of this, many people (including Catholics) are confused on this point.

Roman Catholicism does teach that (as the Bible states) 'Faith without
works is dead.'  This means that, although faith in Jesus Christ
is necessary for salvation -- that Faith, if it is 'alive' (meaning
real or genuine) will naturally result in the person who professes to
have that Faith in Jesus --doing acts of mercy, self-sacrifice and
goodness.  In other words, continuing the very ministry of the
Jesus in whom they profess faith.



Customer: replied 11 years ago.
Reply to T. R. Miller's Post: I am a Methodist and Have learned that God is love...and do unto others as they shall do unto you. Golden ruile and all the good thingsabout Gods love for us. NOT,You must be saved and interpret the bible and scriptures as if it is the only law of God. What religions strictly believe in talking in tongues and that their way is the only way is their way???
Customer: replied 11 years ago.
Reply to Oreport's Post: Good answer, But I am still puzzled about the people who tell me that I am not Christian becaused I am not saved by their rules..And why do these people speak in tongues?
Expert:  Steve -- a.k.a. Oreport replied 11 years ago.

Again, a clarification...

Not every 'Bible-believing', fundamentalist, or evangelical church-body
have identical beliefs or practices.  Although all consider
themselves Christian:

A few do not believe in the doctrine of the Trinity

not all of them believe in 'Speaking in Tongues' -- and among those who
do there are differences in both believe that practice regarding this

although, as a group, they tend to interpret the Bible literally -- and
view the Bible as the sole source of God's word and authority -- there
are even differences of belief , them on these matters.

The Methodist Church is grouped within what are sometimes called the
'Mainline Protestant Churches'.  Other churches in this group
include Episcopalian (Anglican), Presbyterian, Congregational, and

You still haven't told us the 'Why' behind your questions. 
Knowing this might help us to narrow the scope of our answers and
provide more help to you.

Let me know if you need more input.  If not, thanks for the
opportunity to assist you... we would really appreciate your honoring
our efforts by 'pushing the button' and Accepting one or more of our

Good Luck!



Expert:  T. R. Miller replied 11 years ago.


Being a "Methodist," as far as I am concerned is not synomous with being "saved" or not. I know a number of folks who belong and attend a Methodist Church and they are as different as any other individuals within a group. Spiritual condition is not clarified by the Church you belong to or attend - it is identified by the condition of the heart and soul in relation to God - my opinion.

Your comment "God is love.....the only law of God." You open a can of worms that will lead to much discussion and much disagreement - even among serious "believers" - not just those who agree or disagree over the definition of "salvation." And, after all this discussion is finished (and it NEVER IS finished!) you as a person, like me, are more often, more confused than before. Our world is filled with a multitude of variations of belief and each member of each of those groups is convinced that they are right (and hence, no one else is right!) Your spiritual condition, your spiritual life, your eternal destiny (if you believe in an eternal life, is a decision, perspective, rationalization, you ALONE, must feel comfortable with. As long as you remain "unsettled" in this, it is apparent to me, that your "search" for "truth" has not reached a destination.

Is this an evasive response - no question about it. If I dictate to you what I believe and that you MUST believe it also, or you are destined for an eternal Hell, this is my opinion based on my experience. You must have your own experience to bring you to a conclusion for yourself. If no conclusion exists for you - it is a matter that no conclusion exists yet! Keep looking....

"What religions strictly believe in talking in tongues..." My experience with this phenomenon is with the "charismatic" kind of Church, both "Pentacostal" and "pentacostal" I have a niece and her husband who are both ordained in a pentacostal Church and both have strong confidence in "Speaking in Tongues" as a "step up" in spiritual closeness to God and a demonstration of the "power of the Holy Spirit" in the lives of people. Am I missing something because I don't hold the same belief? I don't think so. I believe they and I will be in the same Heaven. Why I will be in Heaven (with them, as well as many other folks) is not related to "Speaking in Tongues" but in my (1) relationship with my God and (2) my compliance with His requirements. 

How do I know I have met His requirements? It is a condition of heart. It is a peacefulness of soul. It is personal. It is NOT whether I have complied with ANY Church or group of Church people. Each of us must decide what we believe the basis of our religious faith is - I have made my decision and have met the requirements of my God, as I see them. I find fellowship with others who have come to the same conclusion as I have - that is what a local "Church" is - a group of people who agree on.......

If some insist I must do it their way or else....  They can do what they want and say what they want. I can choose to agree with them and join them or choose to disagree with them and either (1) enjoy a "friendship" with them within the limits of what we believe in common, or (2) just walk away - that is my choice, just as it is your choice.

If you are not satisfied with what you have found in a Church or a Belief, just keep looking.

Expert:  martye replied 11 years ago.

Speaking in tounges is usually associated with the Pentacostles or
other Charismatic religion factions.They believe the Holy Spirit dwells
in and among  them and is the intersessor("go - between) to
Jesus (as the catholics place the Virgin Mary)

Religion is "faith-based" and so each religion sets its own
beliefs.(tenets) These tenets are the corner stone of the (any) church,
they spell out what purpose we serve on Earth, if there is or isn't a
Heaven ,how we get there and what happens afterwards. So, by
definition, each religion believes they are the correct one and therefore,the others must be wrong.

Within certain groups,(ie : protestant) there can be "doctrinal"
differences that may be minor to the core belief(salvation) thus we
have 'baptists': lutherns etc.

You must choose the church that you
believe in and you seem to have narrowed it  down to "protestant"
. Find a church in your area and talk with the minister..... You have
many questions and they have many answers

There is a book that may help you in your research...

It is "The Bible" read it and it will help with your needs!!

Good luck in your "quest"!



Expert:  Sally replied 11 years ago.


              Being a christian means that  you believe in God and Jesus Christ.  That means that if you believe in Jesus Christ, then you believe that He died on the Cross to forgive us our sins, past, present and future.  Doing "good works" on earth will not get you into heaven  IF  you do not believe that Jesus died for us.  The Bible has the answer to all of your questions. Here is a site that you also can research:

Customer: replied 11 years ago.
Reply to T. R. Miller's Post: Mr Miller. You read too much into my question. I have no doubt about my spiritual standing or my course on God's path. Being secure with that: I am chosing to aske why others humans follow their different paths. P
Expert:  Sally replied 11 years ago.


               You are asking why other humans choose to follow different paths with their beliefs regarding religion?  If that is your question, the answer could be because we are all brought up differently through generations of life.  We are born in different countries, introduced to different religiouse beliefs, we are subjected, through our growing years, to different ideas, different teachings, different opinions on theology, scriptures, ideals, etc. We have all been given the gift of choice.  If we choose to placate ourselves with teachings other than the bible, that is our choice given the freedoms that we have.  People of different cultures, some brought up stricly to believe what they were taught,  not to vary off that course. Practicing the teachings of various religions is our choice also. To directly answer  "why"   would be up to each individual to answer.

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