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If I have all the names and dates of birth and place, how can

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If I have all the names and dates of birth and place, how can I discover if any of my grandparents were Jewish?

genealogyhelper :

Hello, My name is XXXXX XXXXX I will be researching your question. Please supply me with as much information as you can. I need to find your family. You will most likely be prompted to submit a rating, possibly more than once. It is an automatic email. Please do not submit a rating until I have given you an answer. I look forward to hearing from you, Shirley


from most distant relatives:


Savov Covalschi married to Ioana Munteanu (daughter of Xenia Munteanu)


Here are the details that I have:

Savov Covalschi married to Ioana Munteanu (born 13 November 1853 to daughter of Ion and Xenia Munteanu, religion Orthodox –I have Ioana's birth certificate)

Gave birth to Trofim

Savov Covalschi died. Ioana married Simion Sestacov

Trofim took name Sestacov (unofficially) and married Teodora Melentiev (have marriage certificate)

Gave birth to Olga (and others) 11 July 1913 (have birth certificate)

Trofim died 1947

Olga Sestacov married someone during war – name unknown, died.

Olga then married: Dimitrie Andreiscu in Bucharest 1951

Everyone except Dimitrie Andreiscu was born in Cetatea Alba, Bessarabia (Romania then) I have computer copies of the documents, in Romanian.
I need to know if any of the above people were Jewish.

Awaiting your search.

genealogyhelper :



I have discovered that you are going to have to do this research “the old fashioned way”.

You say you have documents written in Romanian, have they been translated? If not, use an online translator, you need to find the smallest jurisdiction. You need to locate the church or synagogue in the area. See if the church or synagogue has contact information online. You are going to have to contact them directly or hire a professional Genealogist in the area.

Also, I do not know your level of experience in research or your knowledge of what classifies as Jewish but, there is a difference between Jewish ethnicity and the Jewish faith.


I believe the information found at the following websites will be a tremendous help in the research of your family.


Romanian Research



Jewish Research


Good luck with your search.


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