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Brendan Joseph
Brendan Joseph, Consultant
Category: Genealogy
Satisfied Customers: 882
Experience:  Brendan has worked as an expert for specialising in Irish / British/ Canadian / Australia/ American research.
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Suggestions requested regarding what to do with genealogical

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Suggestions requested regarding what to do with genealogical research etc after someone passes. We are updating our wills. My middle bedroom has almost 20 banker boxes of genealogical research. I sent one of a kind items like my mom's diaries - 20 books - one for each year- to a scanning service. I'd like to get the rest of my irreplaceable photos scanned. We travel so much I am rarely home and fires are common in our area. My husband suggested getting a huge fireproof safe, but I hesitate on the $1,000 type safes. I'd rather pay someone $1000 to scan my documents so they will be enjoyed by more people afer I am gone.

Hello there,


I have the same problem that you have, I have thought about it for a year or two. I have come up with a solution. You have to digitize all your important documents and photo's.

The general public do not value old diaries, photo's, documents like we do, my wife would regard them as clutter, she would put up with them for a period and eventually throw them out. I would not be there to stop her.


I have a large family tree on Ancestry, photo's, documents etc. How safe would my tree be after I have departed?


My answer is:§ion=pedigree



You have to register for free, I have uploaded my tree to familysearch, you can also upload photo's and scanned documents.


I believe my tree is safe and will be available to my descendents for many years to come.



Customer: replied 3 years ago.

We are updating our wills.I am considering adding a page for non-binding suggestions regarding my genealogy.I have about 10 websites. My first one is was Other websites are town/county specific in the US. Published city directories/high school years (many from the 1800s) would go to one of three libraries. Most of my research was focused on specific locations. I realize many genealogists struggle with this problem. Any additional suggestions would be appreciated.

Hello there,


The problem with websites is that if the hosting is not paid, the websites cease to be available on the Internet. I would definitely donate all my published material to the relevant library.


The question is who can you trust after you die?



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