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Zoey_JD, Criminal attorney
Category: Fraud Examiner
Satisfied Customers: 23204
Experience:  Active member of the NYS bar since 1989
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I have been dealing with a company out of Jamaica for 3

Customer Question

I have been dealing with a company out of Jamaica for 3 months and have been told I have won 4 million dollar plus a car it suppose to be a publisher clearing house
It's my own fault but I'm out 50,000 currently they are suppose to show up today with the prizes and per usual they want 5,000 sent to them
I believe I have lost the money how do I go about reporting them
Bob Coffey
Submitted: 1 month ago.
Category: Fraud Examiner
Expert:  Zoey_JD replied 1 month ago.


I am so sorry that you fell for a contest scam. The real Publisher's Clearing House, as I'm sure you know by now, is and has always been located in New York State.

If you could find these folks you could sue them for their fraud or you could seek to have them prosecuted and to pay you restitution. Unfortunately, professional scammers use phony contact information so that they can disappear into cyberspace with your money. That makes finding them a job for law enforcement and, frankly even law enforcement doesn't have much luck turning up internet scammers.

You should cease all contact with the fraudsters. They are never going to return your money, and they will try to continue to get more from you for as long as you continue communicating with them. You need to notify your police and the FBI and report this as a crime. The FBI has a special website for computer generated crime called the Internet Crime Complaint Center. It is at

I won't try to fool you. Your police can do nothing but take a report. They have no jurisdiction in Jamaica. The FBI can't investigate or make arrests in Jamaica either. That's why scammers always prey on folks from different countries. However, the FBI is partnered on with Interpol, which will make your complaint available to foreign law enforcement authorities all over the world.

Short of spending more money to hire an international private investigator to see if they can turn up your scammers, and short of warning others by posting your experience on sites that expose scammers, there unfortunately really isn't anything else you can do until you find the thieves.

I can, however, give you one piece of news that isn't bad. When you're the victim of a crime your unreimbursed losses are tax deductible. So you can recover some of what you lost, even in the worst case scenario in the form of a tax deduction when you file your 2016 taxes.

I can also give you a warning. When once a scammer has succeeded with a victim, he ALWAYS comes back in new guises to try to take his victim all over again. The most common way they do it is to pretend to be an agency, company or investigator who claims they can recover your money for you. For a fee, of course. And then another. And another. And another. Until you catch wise and realize that you're being scammed all over again.

I'm sorry not to have better news for you, but this is the harsh reality of internet scam. YOu've got legal remedies, but you have to find them first.

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