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Zoey_JD, Criminal attorney
Category: Fraud Examiner
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Is this a scam? The Federal Reserve Board eagle logo links

Customer Question

Is this a scam ?
The Federal Reserve Board eagle logo links to home page
Federal Reserve Bank of New York *****
New York, NY 10045. USA
URGENT ATTN: Fidan Durollari
I write to inform you that your fund has been placed in for immediate wire transfer to your BANK ACCOUNT. You are very lucky that your payment file was the first to attend this morning and we are going to commence fully to credit your Bank Account with your full inheritance/compensation fund (US$12.8 Million) today.
Thereby, we have confirmed the payment and we wish to inform you that we are in process to transfer to your Designated Bank Account that you provided which will take us a few hours to finalize, this is to notify you that we have concluded all arrangements concerning the swift remittance of your funds. You can view your name in our payroll by visiting the following website:
However, we received a notice from the United Nation Organization (U.N.O) that before the transfer of your fund will commence to your account, you must have to provide a Syntax and Ownership Certificates from the fund origin since the fund is originated from the South African Reserve Bank. This is because of the previous suspect of an unknown person that wants to claim your fund without your authorization, also to avoid any interruption or question from the United State Government authorities or any stop order from any office world wide while transferring your funds. It is also because of the volume of the amount you are receiving and to avoid been drug money or terrorist attraction which will result as illegal transaction to you.
So you are advised to please contact the International Monetary Fund according to the instruction from United Nations to obtain the Syntax Certificate which is Diplomatic Immunity Seal of Transfer (D.I.S.T) and Ownership Certificate. The syntax and ownership certificate is very important and necessary you get it from them otherwise, we will not be able to credit your account. So you are advised to contact the International Monetary Fund(IMF) with their following information and request for the syntax and ownership certificate and let me know once you get in touch with them.
Please take note: this contact below is the only office that will issue you the original copy of the required documents and I will like you to please follow up the instructions diligently to avoid been scammed by wrong communication to enable us serve you better.
International Monetary Fund (IMF)
Contact Person: Mr. Jose Vinals
Office: Financial Counsellor, Director of the Monetary and Capital Markets Department
Phone:(###) ###-####
Office Address: International Monetary Fund,700 19th Street, N.W, Washington, D.C. 20431
Contact the above office for the syntax and ownership certificate and forward them to me as soon as possible so that we can get your transaction completed.
Note; as soon as the urgently required documents are obtained, it will only take us less than three(3) banking hours to credit your account and forward the transfer confirmation slip to you which you will use to confirm your fund with no further stress.
Thanks for your kind understanding and urgently waiting to hear from you....
Mrs. Janet L. Yellen (Chair of the Board of Governors)
Federal Reserve System
Tel:(###) ###-####
-- Eredeti üzenet --
Submitted: 5 months ago.
Category: Fraud Examiner
Expert:  Zoey_JD replied 5 months ago.


I'm Zoey and I'll be assisting you. Are you online now?

Expert:  Zoey_JD replied 5 months ago.


The Federal Reserve Bank is the US Government's bank. They have nothing whatsoever to do with the distribution of inheritance funds to private individuals. They regulate the US economy.

Scammers are just using names, such as the Federal Reserve Bank, the International Monetary fund and the United Nations to bolster their credibility so that you will give them personal identifying information, such as your bank account, for future identity theft and to steal your money, because you will be compelled to wire money off to Africa to get your so called inheritance.

The IMF and the United Nations are aware of scams using their names and they warn right on their websites that they have nothing to do with lotteries, sweepstakes, prizes, inheritances and disbursement of money to private individuals. Here's one of the IMF's warnings. Here's one of the UN's warnings.

The contact information you have is not the real email address for the government agencies, nor are the phone numbers real. Scammers will answer and lie to you.

Do not contact these folks. They are liars and scammers and out to steal your money. Cease any contact with them. Report the fraud to the FBI at their Internet Crime Complaint Center at

Expert:  Zoey_JD replied 5 months ago.

Just checking in to see if you need more help or any clarification of my answer. If so, please reply here on this question thread.