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I need to find out if someone I have been in contact with for

Customer Question

I need to find out if someone I have been in contact with for the last two years is a real American citizen who is in the US Army and currently stationed in Syria with the UN
His term of service in the Army is approximately 16 years he holds the rank of Master Sargent and is a sniper and has served in Iraq and Afghanistan
He is trained to jump out of airplanes - special ops
His name is*****
DOB 17.06.1968
Has been married and divorced in the States (approx. 18 months after Joshua was born)
Has a son named Joshua born on the 15.05.2007
The address I have is***** Durbin WV 26264 PO Box 112 Durbin
His mother's name is***** who is the principal carer for Joshua
She is born on the 10.03 not 100% sure of the year but originally comes from Surrey Hills in Sydney Australia
Vicki is also recovering from cancer and heart failure, she has been admitted to hospital in Charleston in a VA hospital in the last six months for her heart and has regular trips re her cancer treatment
His Father Greg Mayo died a couple of years before Joshua was born
Vicki has a lady who comes and helps with her house keeping named Sheila Good whose address is PO Box 117 Durbin phone(###) ###-####
Alex and his family immigrated to the USA when he was in his late teens they were originally from Germany Frankfurt
He is meant to have a motorcycle and SUV
The house they live in is meant to be white
Submitted: 8 months ago.
Category: Fraud Examiner
Expert:  Chris T., JD replied 8 months ago.
Hello. I'll be happy to assist you.How did you meet this person? Have you ever met them in person? Have you ever received an email from an official US military email address (it would end in .gov)?