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Zoey_JD, Criminal attorney
Category: Fraud Examiner
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Experience:  Active member of the NYS bar since 1989
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From Italy. Barrister Stratfield Who has s office in

Customer Question

Good morning, My name is***** from Italy. Barrister David Stratfield Who has his office in 146trafalgarsquare .An agent has sent me an SMS about a winning on Irish lotto on 31st Genuary 2015 with these numbers 2 6 8 13 30 44 45 .Still today I have not received the winning, but I have payed 13000 euro just.Could I have further information about, please? Thanks
Submitted: 8 months ago.
Category: Fraud Examiner
Customer: replied 8 months ago.
An agent has sent me an sms with the numbers of the winning, but because I am a foreign citizen I have had to pay about 10000 euro for having it.Today I have not received the winning because for the transfer on my bank account in Italy , a sum of 2000 euro is needed to receive a money laundering clearance certificate for security. Thanks for your time.
Customer: replied 8 months ago.
In 146trafalgarsquare barrister chambers, has barrister David Stratfield the office? Could you answer to my questions, please? Thanks
Expert:  Zoey_JD replied 8 months ago.


My name is ***** ***** I will be assisting you with this question. Are you on line at this time?

Expert:  Zoey_JD replied 8 months ago.

I'm sorry to have to tell you that you fell for a lottery scam. You have wired your money to thieves. You have won no contest.

How do I know that? There are several reasons.

145 Trafalgar Square is not a real address. The UK's Barrister Directory contains no such barrister as David Stratfield.

Firstly, though scammers would like you to believe that you can be picked as a winner out of thin air, you cannot. You always must formally enter a contest to win it. I know you didn't go to Ireland to enter this one or you'd have a lottery ticket and you wouldn't need to be asking us this question.

there is no such thing as an international lottery or sweepstakes. It is also unlawful in the US for a person to buy lottery tickets online. Tickets must be purchased from actual agents in person. The only way you could win an Irish lotto is to have bought the ticket in Ireland.

Lottery winners are paid out of the proceeds of lottery tickets. Only people who have purchased tickets can win, and you have to shot that ticket at the contest's claim center in order to receive your award. You wouldn't find out about winning by an SMS. The contest doesn't know who has the winning ticket in this kind of a contest. You would know when the drawing was and compare the numbers on your ticket to the numbers published in the paper or on the contest's website and then you would notify the contest, not the other way around.

Secondly, they asked you to send them money. A money request, no matter what they claim that money is for, is the #1 sign of a contest scam. When you are the real winner of a contest, the money you have won is already yours. The contest is sitting with thousands of your euros. You don't have to pay money out of your own pocket to get what is yours in the first place. If there were any real transfer expenses, the contest already has more than enough of your money to take care of those expenses. A real contest would simply deduct those expenses from the balance that they already have and give you the rest of your money, no strings attached.


Finally, the requirement to get a money laundering certificate is one that is only found in internet scams. There's no such requirement for a contest winner.

Report the scam to your police. Report them as well to the UK's national anti-fraud division at The only way you'll get your money back is if law enforcement can find out who and where these people really are and arrest them. Unfortunately, since everything you know about them is a lie, they will probably not be caught.

I am very sorry to be the bearer of bad news.