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Zoey_JD, Criminal attorney
Category: Fraud Examiner
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Experience:  Active member of the NYS bar since 1989
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A person by the name of Andy Yang, Chinese/Singaporean, a

Customer Question

A person by the name of Andy Yang, Chinese/Singaporean, a construction enginwer who works for Novo, from*****287, Oceanside California 92058 with a phone number +12133540622 from America. Is this a scam
Submitted: 9 months ago.
Category: Fraud Examiner
Expert:  Zoey_JD replied 9 months ago.
Hello, There is a Novo Engineering in California, but it has nothing to do with construction They are a medical supply company. So right off the top that's a bad sign. A reverse name search shows numerous people by the name of Andrew Yang and/or Andy Yang living in the state of California, none is in Oceanside. The phone number traces to a Los Angeles exchange, but it's a mobile phone which means you can reach the person who's got that number anywhere in the world. No name is ***** ***** the account, which indicates he uses pay/per minutes to avoid registering under his own name. A reverse search of the address says that information about that property doesn't presently exist.So nothing he's told you has checked out. Typically, if he's a fraud, he'll follow a scammer's pattern of behavior, because all romance scams are remarkably alike. Here's how it goes: He meets you on a social or dating site and sweeps you off of your feet, declaring love for you at warp speed. Before you can arrange to meet he claims to have a job contract in a foreign country that is neither yours or his. (Typically it's in Africa or Malaysia, but it can be elsewhere). He's about to finish the job and finally meet you when suddenly he has an emergency for which he requires your money. He has equipment failure and can't leave until he finishes the job but he has no money. He has to pay his workers, which he can't afford to do. Some essential goods are held up at Customs. He has an accident on the way to the airport and he can't get out of the hospital unti you pay his hospital fees. There are bunches of well-worn excuses, but they are all designed to reflect an urgent need for your cash. A request for money, no matter how urgent the supposed purpose for it, is the #1 sign of a romance scam. If he's got his hands in your pocket before you've even met on real time, he is ALWAYS a fake. This scam is known as the "Stranded Traveler " fraud. If this sounds like what you're dealing with, he's a scammer. YOu need to cut off all contact with him, send him no money, and report him to to warn others. If you have anything further that you think will change my mind, reply to this question thread. You can even upload photos or documents to the thread as well, and I can look it over for you.

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