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Had a vehicle advertised on Gumtree ,bloke emailed me and wanted

Customer Question

Had a vehicle advertised on Gumtree ,bloke emailed me and wanted to buy it . He works
on drill rig and could only email me . Wanted me to send $2000 to a person in China to
organise pickup time for said vehicle and emailed me paypal instructions on who to send
money to via western union . Apparently paypal would not credit me money until I sent the
$2000 and sent them copy of receipt to paypal .I sent the money .Now they are telling me they need another $1500 to pay government charges and insurance . I have not got any money for vehicle as yet. I am still in contact with this person via email but reluctant to send any more money . What should I do ?
Submitted: 9 months ago.
Category: Fraud Examiner
Expert:  Zoey_JD replied 9 months ago.
Hello, My name is ***** ***** I will be assisting you with this question …
Expert:  Zoey_JD replied 9 months ago.
This is a very well known scam. We usually see it when the buyer is scammed out of his purchase money, but sometimes thieves target the seller too. Here's how the scam works. You list your car for sale on line and you are contacted by a potential buyer who, sight unseen -- always a big red flag -- offers to purchase your car. Under the best of circumstances, this is a lawsuit waiting to happen if he gets the car and claims you deceived him as to its condition. You should only sell to people who are actually in a position to check out the car. But here, not only can't he view the car, he claims to be out of the country and wants YOU to Western Union his so called shipper in China to get the vehicle to him. He claims he's already sent you the money through PayPal. First of all, PayPal is a payment processor. PayPal would NEVER ask you to coordinate a sale with Western Union, which is another payment processor and in direct competition with PayPal. When money is really credited to your PayPal account, it's yours to access. You were never communicating with the real PayPal. The rule of thumb is that any time that you are selling something and someone sends you more money than the actual price of the item and asks you to wire some of that money to a third party for shipping, that is always a scam. The ONLY reason to make an overpayment to you and ask you to complete his transaction for you with money of your own is that the money he's supposedly given you isn't really there. If it's in check form, the check he gave you will bounce. If it's actually in your PayPal account, he can reverse payment. Your buyer gave you false contact information. PayPal will know nothing of this transaction, because they were never really involved. The so-called shipper is just your scammer, to whom your money went directly via Western Union. Scammers love Western Union because it is instantaneous, irreversible and untraceable. Your instincts are right. Do not send any more money. Nobody is going to buy this vehicle. And it's not your job as seller to pay for his government charges and car insurance. These are just more excuses to try to steal more of your money than they already got. You are the victim of a crime. Your money is gone. If you can fnd these folks, you can sue them for the return of your funds or even have them prosecuted. But finding then is going to be a job for law enforcement. Report this to your police and to The odds of your scammers being caught are very low. If they are in China, which is likely, your authorities can only notify China, which may or may not look for your scammer. But short of hiring a private investigator, notifying the authorities that you are the victim of a crime is unfortunately, all that you can do.