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Ben Jones
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A lady announced on my Computer that I had been scammed (2

Customer Question

A lady announced on my Computer that I had been scammed (2 ago days), "Do not go online, call this number to help". This has happened many times (about every 2 weeks) since last summer. She said if I called the # ***** would fix it, clean it (Trojan Virus), cost $199.00. I refused, called locally for repair. They went ahead ($150.00), did nothing. I paid through credit card before I realized it was a scam. Told them so, but they convinced my c. c to pay it. They did. We went rnd. and rnd. for 3 mths. I lost. I gave rep evidence to prove a scam, they pd. it anyhow. Total $300.00 ($150 to local rep.) They (Elite It Home) called every 2 weeks, same story. They called last week, same-o. I refused. Now I realized they were responsible for trouble months ago. I'm shut down, no Google, no PCH, No gmail. I can't get help, PCH is shutting down Registry for Forever Prize tonight and I can't register after 12. Scam also shut down Reg. months ago. tried daily, played right into their hands. I found out Scam came from New Delhi !!!
Submitted: 12 months ago.
Category: Fraud Examiner
Expert:  Zoey_JD replied 12 months ago.
Hello, What is your question with regard to this?