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Zoey_JD, Criminal attorney
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My name is***** I need find guy name Camilo Tobias

Customer Question

Hi my name is*****
I need find guy name Camilo Tobias he is in US military
He born Jan 8 1974.
I can't find any of his background check. I need know is he real person or scam.
I need to know for sure.
We talk every day morning and night but he keep tell me he has to go do his duty job during day. When he back from duty he talk to me at night.. It sound real to me not sure?
I did ask him please take picture of himself with thumb up and sent to me. He said he can't sent picture or video to me because of dangerous. I was sigh and wonder..
We like each other but I want know if he real person please help me..
I am deaf..
Submitted: 12 months ago.
Category: Fraud Examiner
Customer: replied 12 months ago.
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Expert:  Zoey_JD replied 12 months ago.
Hello, There are a couple of sure ways to tell if someone is in the US military. They are foolproof. The US Armed Forces provides an official website on which you can look up anyone who has ever been in the Armed Forces using his name and his date of birth and social security number. You can see that site here. You may have to make a special exception for your browser to access it as it's an official site and its certification is somewhat different than commercial sites. But when you do that, you will be able to run the information for yourself. You'll get back a form from the military which, in this case, lets you know that there is/never has been a soldier in the US military named Camilo Tobias. I'm attaching that here so that you can see it for yourself that the US Armed Forces have no record of any such person. That's why he can't give you a picture or a video. He is lying to you and the military itself confirms that. If you don't want to believe the US government there's another foolproof way to know if a soldier is real, and that's to ask him for his official army email address. Don't let him tell you that it's classified. He may also have a classified email address. But every US soldier has his own unclassified military email address and it's the one he's supposed to use to communicate with family and friends When he gives that email address to to you, it should end in It will NOT end in .comIf his email address does not end in .mil at the extreme right of the @sign, he is a fake. Only US servicemen can get a .mil email address, and if he can't produce one that you can email him back and forth with, he's scamming you. For the record, here is some more information on military scams: - Soldiers in a war zone cannot internet date.- Soldiers in a war zone cannot reveal their actual location.-- Soldiers in a war zone are not allowed to use mobile phones.-- They must use their official military email addresses for all communication, and they only get a half hour on line per week for all of their correspondence.All of the above restrictions are required for national security reasons and they get enforced. -- Soldiers earn leave the way that civilians earn vacation time. It is theirs and they don't have to pay for it. Civilians cannot arrange for a soldier to get leave. -- Soldiers do not pay for travel. The government pays their air fare. ___ Walk away from this man. He is lying to you. He is not a soldier. Report him to the FBI at and cease all contact with him!