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Zoey_JD, Criminal attorney
Category: Fraud Examiner
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Experience:  Active member of the NYS bar since 1989
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I feel terrible doing this because I am not sure I have been

Customer Question

I feel terrible doing this because I am not sure I have been scammed. But I met a Doctor on a dating site who was in Melbourne Australia but he recently went to Afghanistan to do humanitarian work with sick children. Apparently his medical supplies wont be released by the Cambodian Customs and as he didn't think he would have to pay any money he asked me for help. At first I said no but he sent me details of his bank account for me to look up, which I did and saw he was paid for the work he is doing. He gave me all his account details including pin. When I saw he was telling me the truth I agreed to pay 2 lot of money by western union, totalling $2,000 to an officer at the Cambodian customs. Now he informs me they want more money before releasing the medical supplies. I am not sure what to think now, as this Doctor (a paediatrician) Dr. Richard Lower seems genuine to me. If he wasn't how could I get into his bank account? Any input into this would be grately appreciated. Dennel XXXX

Submitted: 11 months ago.
Category: Fraud Examiner
Expert:  Zoey_JD replied 11 months ago.
Hello, You shouldn't feel terrible. This man's behavior doesn't sit right with you for a reason. Your instincts are telling you that no real doctor would be in this situation. And you are right. This is very much a scam. Only an idiot would give an internet stranger his full bank account information. And someone who graduates from medical school is not, theoretically an idiot. You're not really looking at his bank account but at some bogus websie designed to help you to trust him But even assuming that you were looking at his bank account, he's got money in it. And bank funds can be accessed by an account holder from anywhere in the world. Also, a real doctor makes plenty of money on his own and doesn't need yours. And, of course, if he's being paid for his work, it's not his responsibility or yours to pay for and provide medication. It's the agency or the government he's supposedly working for. Then there are the holes in the story: Why would an Australian doctor in Afghanistan be dealing with Cambodian customs in the first place? That makes no sense at all. Additionally, why would you have to wire money to a private individual in Cambodia? That's not how the government accepts money. What you're dealing with, is just something we see all the time and know as the Stranded Traveler Scam. That's when someone reaches out to you on a dating website and rushes you headlong into a very intense romantic relationship. But before he can meet you, he has to leave the country for work purposes. Once there, he has a series of emergencies for which only your money will solve. Each time you send money, he will ask for more of it. And more. And more. And more. And more. And more. Until you run out of money, at which point he will run out on you. He's not real. He's not a doctor. His bank account isn't real. He's a common thief, hiding behind the internet behind the photo and profile of someone a woman would be happy to get to know and using that to steal your money. Report him to your police and to Hang on to your money! Cease all contact with him and don't send him another dollar. If you're not convinced that I'm right, you can reply to this question thread with more information and you can also upload photos of him as well, which may help me prove he is a scammer.

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