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Ben Jones
Ben Jones, Lawyer
Category: Fraud Examiner
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I just got a phone call an automated voice stating they are

Customer Question

I just got a phone call an automated voice stating they are from the U.S.Treasury department and I have committed IRS fraud and to call them back. I called and finally a man with an Indian accent answered. I asked what this is about. He would not identify himself. He said that The IRS has a petition or law suit against me. I asked him for more details and asked him to send me papers for this outrageous allegation. He kept yawning and said the IRS will send you a lot of paperwork, court date, forms to be filled out, and much more. But, our call today is to inform you that you will be ARRESTED TODAY AND WILL HAVE TO GO TO JAIL FOR AT LEAST 6 MONTHS. I said "excuse me, are you telling me that I will be arrested and sent to jail for 6 months TODAY??? He said yes. My niece is an attorney and I told him I am only visiting, I believe the person he wants to talk with is at ******** number. He said ah, no that's ok. I said well don't you want to speak with the correct person (who lives here) to warn her that she will be arrested and sent to jail today? He said who is this person I' m supposed to contact. I said it is the person that lives here whom you are accusing of IRS fraud and threatening that she will be arrested and sent to jail. Do't you know who you are contacting. This is poor training to accuse innocent people and threaten them when you don't even know if you are talking to the right person. The 1st rule in a prestigious organization should be to know who you're talking to before you make wild accusations and frighten and threat people that they ARE definitely getting arrested and sent to jail for 6 months TODAY!!!!! I have my masters in sociology and am 2nd year graduate student to get my Doctorate degree in Psychology at TCSPP in LA, CA. I have worked for DPSS for over 10 years. I told him this minus working for DPSS, I said I have a government job which is true. He said oh really where do you work. I said that's none of your business. He said you are lying then about getting your PHD and working for the government, otherwise you would say where you're working. I said Do you know why you think I'm lying because you are reflecting. YOU ARE IN FACT LYING, so you turn the table around and assume I'm lying. Anyway, I work for DPSS. He said so you give ss to people? I said I am a manager there. He said how old are you? I said 53 ( in fact I turn 53 next week). He said because you sound like you're 73. I did not dignify this with a response. He said do you drink because you seem so mad and you probably drink to get f**ked up. I said how dare you, I do not touch alcohol. I think you drink because you slur your words and keep yawning. He said I'm yawning because I'm bored. I said You're bored??? Wow, whatever. He said I want you to entertain me. I refused to respond. He said are you married, and if not will you marry me? I said if you were the VERY LAST man on earth I would not marry you. I'de rather marry a porcupine than you. He said once you see my big dick erected I'll bet you'll change your mind. I was shaking and having panic attacks. I was just released against medical advise due to severe seizures, panic attacks, and heart problems. I have all the hospital papers. I said I have no interest in your penis, why do'n you use your hand as I'm sure you usually do to get entertained. I hung up right after because I was feeling so sick. I am not a healthy person and I can NOT take this kind of scare tack ticks, threats, disrespect, sexual harassment, etc... Please help me with this case. These kinds of people just can NOT go around messing and scaring innocent citizens. Thank you. God Bless. Regards; Fay XXX-XXX-XXXX (in case there's no answer leave a message and I'll pick up if I'm home) Email;***@******.***
Submitted: 1 year ago.
Category: Fraud Examiner
Expert:  Patrick, Esq. replied 1 year ago.
Good evening and welcome to Just Answer. I am so sorry to hear about this incredibly inappropriate phone caller. What exactly is your legal question regarding this matter? Are you asking if this is a scam? I very much look forward to helping you on this matter.