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Mat, Ford Senior Master Technician
Category: Ford
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Experience:  11 yrs at FLM Dealer, Senior Master Tech 05-present, ASE Master tech, Auto trans & Diesel
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Have a 2006 6.0 powerstroke. for the past year it has

Customer Question

have a 2006 6.0 powerstroke. for the past year it has struggled to start. hot or cold. now it cranks but no start. have readings of 1.0 on FICM sync, 14.7 on ipr then jumps to 84 when I crank. and hpop of 0 the whole time. I unplugged the icp sensor and hpop will go up to 1200, still no start. have taken the fuel filter out and the fuel bowl fills up when the key switch is cycled. what do you think it could be? maybe stc fitting it up valve?
Submitted: 2 days ago.
Category: Ford
Expert:  Mat replied 2 days ago.

Hi I'm a ford senior master diesel tech and I would like to help you out. Lets look at your current no start issue, The problem is that you have 0 ICP cranking. ICP is injector control pressure. basically your high pressure oil pressure. It needs to reach a minimum of 500 psi before the pcm will tell the ficm to fire the injectors. So a high pressure oil leak is your problem. First to check the low pressure system verify engine oil is full, then remove oil filter and use a screwdriver to close the drain back valve at the bottom by pushing it down and have an assistant crank the engine. If the oil filter bowl fills up with oil then the low pressure system is ok. If it does not then you have a low pressure system concern, if it is aerated with tons of tiny air bubble then you also have a low pressure system. If the low pressure system proves to be ok then your problem is most likely in the high pressure system. Since it is at 0psi cranking your stc fitting may have broken and that is a very common failure on 05-06 powerstroke diesels. The other possibility will be the IPR valve but from my 14 years of experience a bad ipr always generates at least some ICP while cranking. Fo example if the IPR failed wide open the high pressure system should display the same engine oil pressure as the pressure system while cranking, usually 20-30 psi. Since you display 0 it tells me you have a large high pressure oil leak most likely from the stc.

As far as your previous hard start cold and hot you may have another issue going on there. FICM sync displaying 1 is unclear to me. The ford scan tool I use will display Ficm Sync as YES if its good. That proves cam/crank sensors are ok. High pressure oil leaks from a leaking but not failed stc fitting will cause an extended crank/hard start when hot but typically not cold. When cold and will not start you want to check your ficm M power to the injectors, this can be viewed as a pid on the scan tool or manually checked at the injectors or by using your dvom on one of the small bolts under the ficm service plate with the key on. You want to check it as quick as possible after it is keyed on. you need 48 volts, anything less than than 45 will cause hard starts when cold. if the power starts at 48 and then continues to drop when keyed on then the ficm is weak and will need to be replaced as well.

If you have any other questions or concerns please write back. Thanks

Customer: replied 2 days ago.
The part about the voltage on FICM was good. it stayed around 54 when cranking. I thought I had a bad stc fitting. So the bad thing is last night I tore it apart, so I now have my hpop out and the fitting out and all. I don't see anything wrong with the stc fitting. I never did think to check the low oil pressure. is there any way I can check it with the truck tore apart or do I have to out it together first? also since I have it apart I was looking to go ahead and replace the stc fitting and put new gaskets on it. Does ford dealership sell the upgraded verison?
Expert:  Mat replied 2 days ago.

Yes the dealership sells the upgraded stc fitting that is all one piece and will not break.

Expert:  Mat replied 2 days ago.

You could still crank it and check for low oil pressure when it is apart but you have to have the oil filter housing in place and unplug fuel pump if lines are disconnected to prevent shooting fuel everywhere. If you IPR valve screen is damaged a new ipr valve would be a good idea while your in there as well

Customer: replied 2 days ago.
ok. ipr valve screen was fine, and no trash. I have the fitting coming tomorrow so I will replace it, put it back together and then get back with you
Expert:  Mat replied 2 days ago.

ok sounds good thanks. Remember it will take excessive cranking to fill and bleed air out of the high pressure system before it fires. Don't expect it to start with a five second crank it will take alot of cranking. Thanks

Customer: replied 2 days ago.
If I crank the truck and the oil bowl does fill up. Does that mean it's lower oil pressure, and not anything in the HPOP?
Expert:  Mat replied 1 day ago.

No if the oil filter bowl fills up that means the low pressure system is ok and the problem is most likely high pressure.

Customer: replied 10 hours ago.
I got the hpop back together and all is done. took the oil filter off and pushed down on the valve in the bottom and it filled up with oil. so the low pressure system should be good, correct?

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