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Category: Ford
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Experience:  ASE CERTIFIED TECHNICIAN ADVANCED LEVEL SPECIALIST. Wisconsin certified emissions state inspector
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2005 ford ranger fail inspection due to inspection station

Customer Question

2005 ford ranger fail inspection due to inspection station unable to link with data link.ground on pin 4 power on pin 16. 5.7 volts pin 7. 5 volts pin 9
Submitted: 5 months ago.
Category: Ford
Expert:  AMEDEE replied 5 months ago.

Hello and welcome!

My name isCustomerand I can assist you with your question.

Expert:  AMEDEE replied 5 months ago.

Are there any lights on or illuminated on the dash with the engine running?

Customer: replied 5 months ago.
abs due to damaged wire on left front, and air bag think drivers
Customer: replied 5 months ago.
are you there
Expert:  AMEDEE replied 5 months ago.

Thank you for that information. Try disconnecting the connectors going to those modules. I bet the communication will resume.

Customer: replied 5 months ago.
were are they located
Expert:  AMEDEE replied 5 months ago.

The ABS module is located under the hood by the battery.

The restriant control module is located inside the vehicle under the dash on the left hand side.

Expert:  AMEDEE replied 5 months ago.

I am glad I can help!

It has been a pleasure working with you. Please dont forget to honor your good faith deposit by rating my answer as "5 STAR SERVICE" for assisting you today.

Please let me know if you have any further questions.

Customer: replied 5 months ago.
unplugged abs no change cant find air bag module left side
Expert:  AMEDEE replied 5 months ago.
Expert:  AMEDEE replied 5 months ago.

Going to get some sleep. I will send you a list of the rest of the modules on board the vehicle that could short out causing this problem. Move on down the list until you find the one that is shorting out the BUS circuit. Of course, be sure the power and grounds are good to the diagnostic connector are good and the wiring and connections from the data link connector to the modules check out good.

The module communications network consists of the following items:

restraints control module (RCM)
generic electronic module (GEM)
4-wheel drive (4WD) control module
4-wheel anti-lock brake (4WABS) control module
powertrain control module (PCM)
central security module

Customer: replied 5 months ago.
abs, restraint, security, modules unplugged. ya 3020 still flashing 4 lights and yellow (?) lit. no change once again power to 16 ground to4. 5.7 volts pin7. 5volts pin9. even pulled every pin and cleaned. I am a tech on heavy equipment myself. I am at a loss
Expert:  AMEDEE replied 5 months ago.

Here is a complete wiring diagram of your BUS circuit. It is going to be one of these modules or a wiring issue between these modules. You can see if the diagram that both pin 4 and 5 should be ground.

Customer: replied 5 months ago.
Pink and blue pin 10 is power 4.97 volts
Tan and orange pin 2 is ground 0 volts
They are backwards
Can pull and erase codes. Everything except ecm un plugged. Still have yellow (?)and 4 flashing lights on scanner
Expert:  AMEDEE replied 5 months ago.


So your saying there is now communication?

Customer: replied 5 months ago.
Same as in the beginning. Truck ruins drives fine. No codes unless I make one. Can read and clear codes.
Only problem inspectin stations can not get o2 our any input for inspection purpose
Expert:  AMEDEE replied 5 months ago.

So you can read codes? You must have communication now. At first, you said there was not communication

Customer: replied 5 months ago.
No communication as far as seeing o2 or any actual outputs except codes.
Expert:  AMEDEE replied 5 months ago.

The state inspection is looking for stored, current and pending codes. So if you can pull codes, it should be able to pass inspection.

Customer: replied 5 months ago.
The last time they had a screen up with sensor in puts and no information on boxes. That is what I don't understand can system had to be working due to being able to read and clear codes. Why do I have flashing library and a yellow (?)on my scanner. Between the red x and green check mark. Guess I can try again Saturday to get inspected
Customer: replied 5 months ago.
Why are power and ground pins two And ten backwards
Expert:  AMEDEE replied 5 months ago.

Maybe someone switched the wires. Use the wiring diagram I sent to verify the correct wiring going to the correct pins on the diagnostic connector.

I have never seen a scanner or emissions state inspection machine be able to pull codes but not pass a vehicle due to a no communication issue. It sounds like I am not getting all of the information here.

In addition, if there is something flashing on the dash, then there should be codes in the computer that is related. So if you can read codes, what codes do you get?

Expert:  AMEDEE replied 5 months ago.

YES, try to get the vehicle tested again.

Customer: replied 5 months ago.
Nothing fishing on dash. Flashing on my ya3020 .I'll try Saturday to get inspected.
Expert:  AMEDEE replied 5 months ago.