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EricFromCT, Ford Technician
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Experience:  20 years dealership exp., ASE A1-A9 L1 L2, Ford Lincoln Mercury Senior Master, Diesel Certified
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I have a 2010 Ford raptor 5.4 engine I r an into a problem

Customer Question

I have a 2010 Ford raptor 5.4 engine I r an into a problem with left head valves were bent from cam phaser going on it I have replaced everything set timing 3 times replaced every part I known ok including oil pump, pan pick up ,new cam phasers both sides ,new chains tensioner keepers, vct sensors both, it starts and runs great for 20 mins then r right bank phaser starts knocking and oil pressure drops, no power you turn off and back on oil pressure gauge go e s 0 then to normal and gives oil pressure light starts knocking loud again, I am so disappointed have had it into Ford dealership they don't know anything else I can do can't drive it help if possible please
Submitted: 7 months ago.
Category: Ford
Customer: replied 7 months ago.
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Expert:  EricFromCT replied 7 months ago.

Hi. Have you manually checked the oil pressure, by installing a gauge where the sending unit goes, when it is running rough?

Customer: replied 7 months ago.
it around 60 psi on start up and 25 psi when running
Customer: replied 7 months ago.
Probably 20 more then 25psi.
Customer: replied 7 months ago.
I even replaced sending unit just in case. P h yah and cam sensors. Crank sensors
Expert:  EricFromCT replied 7 months ago.

At about 20-22psi the system starts to have trouble controlling the cam phasers which is why the knocking starts. I have seen many of these a the dealer. How many miles are on the engine?

Customer: replied 7 months ago.
Customer: replied 7 months ago.
I two was a Ford mechanic I'm stumped. Everyone I talked to at Ford is stumped.
Expert:  EricFromCT replied 7 months ago.

Unfortunately most of the time when the pressure is that low, the motor needs to be replaced. It is not the oil pump. It is the worn oil passages and journals in the engine that once it warms causes the oil pressure to drop. I have seen many people try and replace parts to increase the oil pressure, but that just doesnt work when the pressure is down to 20psi.

Customer: replied 7 months ago.
That's what Ford said needs new motor so I dropped crank and checked bearing wear and clearances everything checked out for specs allowance. I also checked all the bearing on the old cam to see if they were worn or spun. The were all within tolerance
Expert:  EricFromCT replied 7 months ago.

I understand. It is just something about that engine where it likes to lose pressure. I have seen them torn down to the block and rebuilt with the same problem until a long block is put in.

Customer: replied 7 months ago.
Yah I've also put long blocks in other 5.4 and still have same issue. Doesn't make sense All because of the stupid phaser breaking
Expert:  EricFromCT replied 7 months ago.

I dont know if it is because the phaser broke that there is low oil pressure. It is more likely the phaser broke because of low oil pressure. It probably kept slamming against the pin lock when running rough. The only 5.4's that have this problem are the 3 valves.

Customer: replied 7 months ago.
Stupid 3 vlv. I hate this truck I will never buy another Ford. I have been in mustangs and Ford trucks my whole life. Never had this issue I've worked on 3 vlv since they came out.
Expert:  EricFromCT replied 7 months ago.

The 3 valves do have some crazy noise issues with many fixes. And have racked my brain many times at the dealer. I personally own an older 2v 5.4 and would not buy a 3v. There are many more motor options these days in those trucks so I wouldnt be afraid to get another.

Customer: replied 7 months ago.
I'm just mad at the truck it's almost a brand-new motor minus pistons and crank. It's been sitting for over a year now. I am almost going to tear block down steam it all and buy new parts yet again
Expert:  EricFromCT replied 7 months ago.

If you got time for that sure. But to me a long block with a warranty is the way to go. Probably about the same price after all the work you will need to do, and not even be sure it will be any better.

Expert:  EricFromCT replied 7 months ago.

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