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I have a 2005 Ford Escape. The tone ring cracked on the

Customer Question

I have a 2005 Ford Escape. The tone ring cracked on the front left shaft and was causing the ABS and 4x4 lights to turn on.
I had a spare cv joint new in the box so I tore everything apart and pulled the old shaft.
When I put the new shaft in it didn't seat all the way but I didn't realize it. I had a time getting the 2 pinch bolts on the shock to line up. I talked with my brother and he said to make sure it was in all the way. I checked and it was out by about an inch to much. So I backed the nut off on the shaft to the end and tapped it with a hammer repeatedly until I saw it slide all the way up in.
After I put it all together I tried driving it and just going a foot or two I'd have to give it a fair amount of gas and I could hear it binding then clunking. It'd pop them move a few inches then bind again. Turning or going straight made no difference.
So I tore it all apart again and noticed that the upper joint on the shaft was not free but was very hard to flex. Also the clip on the end of the shaft has a small chip missing maybe about 1mm big (I put a magnet back inside the transmission, but didn't get the chip out) I took the shaft back to advance and they swapped me for a new one. I installed that one and it went in much better then the first one and seemed to lock in the proper position.. The pinch bolts for the shock lined up with no trouble this time. Tested it again this morning and it still clunked and seemed like it was binding, but not as bad this time.
Back apart. I put back in the old shaft which is fine other then the missing tone ring. Again it went in smoothly and bolts lined up well. I tried it and still have the clunk and the popping sound. A little less worse though then even the previous time. I drove it about 75 yards and it kept binding and popping.
Does this sound like I messed something up inside of the transmission? Is there anything I can try or should I take it to a transmission shop?
Submitted: 8 months ago.
Category: Ford
Expert:  rpmdiag replied 8 months ago.

Hi, I'm Ron and I will be helping you today.
Stand by for a moment while I prepare your answer.

Expert:  rpmdiag replied 8 months ago.

Yep, you have to replace the complete assembly. I don't thing they come separate any more.

Thanks, Ron

Customer: replied 8 months ago.
My old shaft wasn't making the clunking sounds before I tore everything apart. Shouldn't putting the old back in make the sounds go away?
Expert:  rpmdiag replied 8 months ago.

Possibly, it's tough to say from where I'm at, but we don't want a noise or a cracked tone ring.

Thanks again and please remember to rate me 5 stars and keep this link in case you need ma again later on.


Customer: replied 8 months ago.
What would you suggest I try to do from here?
Expert:  rpmdiag replied 8 months ago.

I would replace the complete assembly with either new or a quality rebuilt one.

Thanks, Ron

Customer: replied 8 months ago.
By assembly do you mean the cv joint shaft?
Expert:  rpmdiag replied 8 months ago.

That's correct, unless that tone ring is separate for that car. They came both ways. If they are separate, then use your old shaft if it's good and just replace the tone ring.


Customer: replied 8 months ago.
Hmm, ok. But the binding and popping sounds didn't happen until I installed the brand new assembly and then it still did it after I got another new one from advance. I'm kind of confused why trying a third new one will help me.
Expert:  rpmdiag replied 8 months ago.

There may have been a bad batch of them made too all in a row. I had that happen before with ignition modules.

Thanks again, and please remember to rate me.


Expert:  rpmdiag replied 8 months ago.

Hi, I'm just following up with you to see if you have any more questions.
Thanks, Ron

Customer: replied 8 months ago.
I'm sorry, I kind of felt like my original question wasn't read fully. If I take this shaft back to advance the guy isn't going to swap me another one for free. Especially, if I told him that my old shaft that used to work fine now also doesn't work. I'm thinking at this point I'll just give up and take to a shop. We can hold off on the rating though if you wish and see if you really are correct about the issue being the shaft?
Expert:  rpmdiag replied 8 months ago.

The real issue here is that I spent some time with you either way. I can't see, smell or touch the parts you can, so being there like you are doesn't share any advantages for me. I do my best.

I'm here for assistance to you and share ideas which I did.

I do appreciate your fair rating of me.

Thanks, Ron