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2006 Furd F250 Super Duty 6.0. Cruise control not

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2006 Furd F250 Super Duty 6.0. Cruise control not functioning. Scanner operates the cruise control indicator in KOEO, but the switches do not activate at all. No Codes but the cluster does display "TBC Fault", which I assume is the Trailer brake controller, but it's working fine.

The "TBC fault" could be causing the cruise to keep from activating. It's hard to say for sure without diagnosing the Trailer brake controller. Do you hope to fix it yourself? Do you have a multimeter?

The most likely cause of both the TBC fault message and the cruise not working is the brake pressure transducer switch at the brake pedal. You should be able to swap it out yourself fairly easily.

Here are the steps for testing the switch.

Customer: replied 1 year ago.

Yes, I plan to fix it myself. WHere exactly is this transducer and what might it look like. Thank you.

You will want to check the brake pedal position switch for voltage when the pedal is applied first. If this isn't working then the brake lights won't work and if it is stuck on, then the cruise won't activate.

The brake pedal transducer is up under the dash near the pedal position switch.

1. Check the voltage of the brake pressure transducer at the brake booster on the White/Red (WH/RD) wire. An expected Key On, Engine Off (KOEO) voltage on the circuit should indicate a reading of about 0.5 volts. This circuit should indicate a reading of about 5.0 volts with the sensor disconnected. When the brake pedal is depressed with the sensor connected, the voltage of the WH/RD wire should change.

2. If the WH/RD wires voltage is the same whether the connector is connected or disconnected, verify that the Red/White (RD/WH) wire is showing to be a good ground and verify that the Tan/Yellow (TN/YE) wire shows a reading of 5.0 volts whether the sensor is connected or disconnected before replacing the sensor.

3. If the WH/RD wire shows 0 volts with the sensor connected and 5.0 volts with the sensor disconnected, it is still important to check the TN/YE and RD/WH wires for proper reading. If these circuits check to be ok, either the WH/RD wire could show a high resistance issue to the TBC, or the sensor could be failing.

There is also a brake pressure switch on the master cylinder.

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