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Ford F250 Pickup Super Cab 4x4: Door not shutting tight on

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Door not shutting tight on truck driver side door, had same thing happen on passagener side and took it to the shop and they said they "adjusted it" and I got the impression they adjusted the latch/bolt that is on the inside of the door where the latch that is actually on the door hooks on to. I had asked a question here at that time and the guy told me that the latch was probably bad and I needed to have it replaced and that turned out not to be the case and I save a chunk not having that done. Do you have any idea what they might have done and what I can do to get the door to fit snug again? if you grab it and pull you can move it a bit and hear the "clunk" sound. When driving on smooth road its not even noticable but I drive on dirt roads alot and it rattles enough to bug me.  also, this truck is in very good condition, it just turned 100k, it was driven very little and garaged most of its early years. no rust no wrecks, so its not like a junker falling apart.

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In most cases the adjustment is to loosen the striker on the body that the latch grabs on to when you close the door, you need to loosen it and move it in just a bit, it may take a couple of try to get it where you want it but that's the only adjustment for making the door close tighter providing the hinges are not worn out. It usually just a mater of moving the striker in a bit. Another way to tighten the door up is to replace the door seal. Over time the seal becomes flat and this can also cause the door to rattle. I would consider doing both.
Customer: replied 3 years ago.

OK can you suggest a good/best place to order or get the door seals? Thanks and will get you paid on reply

Yes, The best place around if you do not have access to one in your area is LMC . See the link below. They should be able to supply you with new door seals.

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