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david, Auto Service Technician
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I have a 1989 ford ranger with a 2.3 liter engine I checked

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I have a 1989 ford ranger with a 2.3 liter engine I checked it with an OBD 1. With the Key On Engine Running. It showed code 21 engine coolant temp sensor out of range. Code 22 MAP(vacuum) or BARO signal out of range. Code 42 fuel rich -fuel control. Code 31 EVP siganl is/was low EVR. PFE-signal is/was low PFE.
With the Key On Engine Off: code 31 and Code 95 Fuel pump- open, bad ground always on power fuel pump circuits. I have a haynes shop manual for ford ranger & bronco 2. It has nothing on the MAP and no info on the fault codes.
When I start the engine the engine light is on when I give it gas the light goes off. The check engine light comes back on when I take my foot off the gas and the engine idles.
Also when I give it gas the engine doesn't rev up instead it bogs down, but dose not stall.
Any input would be greatly appreciated.

david : Hi thank you for your question I will do my best to help.
david : Lets look at the codes and the possible cause.
david : 21 more than likely is the temp sensor is bad. But check the wiring and connections first.
david : 22 in most cases his is caused by a vacuum leak after the MAF sensor. Check all the vacuum lines and the intake manifold gasket for leaks.
david : 42 is just telling you there is a problem with the air fuel ratio. (Vacuum leak)

Can you give me an idea where the MAF sensor is located on this vehicle?

david : Continuous Memory Code 31 indicates that the EGR valve was closed further than normal or EVP sensor or circuit has failed with an intermittent low voltage sometime during vehicle operation. Possible causes: -- Poor continuity in EVP harness or connectors. -- Intermittent open or short in EVP sensor or harness. -- Damaged EVP sensor.-- Vacuum leak - broken vacuum line.
david : The MAF is mounted in the intake / air filter hose. It is the only thing with wires connected to the air filter.
david : 95 Is either your fuel pump has gone open or the circuit has gone open and the ECM is rufusing to power ignition until the fuel pump circuit is fixed. Check the harness at the fuel pump and at the ECM (close attention to pin 8). All the pins are labled on either the red locking tab in the plug or in the grey plastic by the pin itself.
david : Also check the fuel pump relay in the under good fuse box.
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