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2000 ford explorer sport: alarm goes..key fob..disable it completly

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hi, I have a 2000 ford explorer sport. the alarm keeps going off.
It seems as if it arms by its' self a minute or so after closeing the doors (the truck is unlocked). when you open the door the alarm goes off until you press the unlock on the key fob (even though the doors were already unlocked).

I am not looking for information on how to fix the alarm, i want to disable it completly. I believe it is a factory installed alarm, however, under the dash by the drivers kick is a module that says IR-s code alarm sensor. I am not sure if that is factory or not. it looks like it might be.

There are also two small momentary push buttons behind the drivers bottom dash on either side of the ODB scanner port. each push button has two twisted brown wires going to it. I have read online that you can reset/disable the alarm by turning the key on and pushing and holding the button down. I tried each button and it did not work. i also tried pushing both buttons at the same time and it still did not disable the alarm.

Can you tell me how to disable it.

Thank You

This sounds like a Ford aftermarket alarm (dealer installed)as Ford does not have those buttons and twisted wires from the factory as you have described! You can disable it however if you are using the remote key fobs that came with the alarm, you will need to acquire factory key fob in order to be able to unlock the doors remotely! You will need to Unplug the connector to that IR module that you saw, or remove the inline fuses that go to it! Now the only other thing that you must do is locate the wire coming from the ignition switch that would have been cut and wired into the alarm, this wire is the starter signal wire! You will need to locate both halves of this wire and restore the factory connection back to the same color wire, which should be a red wire with a light blue stripe! You should see a non factory butt connector within 8 inches or so of the ignition switch on the steering column! Below I have attached an illustration of the ignition switch connector and highlit the pin location for this wire, locate the wire at the connector and follow it to the place where it has been cut, cut it here on the alarm side of the butt connector to give you the needed length to make a new connection, then locate that same red with a light blue stripe wire where it would be connected to another wire of the alarm module, cut it at the butt connector and restore the red with light blue stripe wire to the red with a light blue stripe wire! I hope this doesn't sound to confusing, sometimes things are difficult to explain without being there first hand!



Customer: replied 4 years ago.
Thanks Bob, I found the splice in the red/lb wire. I did a search on my key fob fcc id number (cwtwb1u212)and it looks like that is a ford key fob. would i still have to replace the key fobs.
Unplug the module, if the fob still works then no you will not!
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