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Ford Edge Limited: How do I install GPS navigation into a 2012

Customer Question

How do I install GPS navigation into a 2012 Ford Edge Limited (With MyFordTouch) that did not have it installed from the Factory? I am in Canada and do not have the Sync Capabilities here. As the car does have a GPS Antenna built in already and a place to add the SD Card for the Maps, I would have imagined that this would be a simple post-purchase add on. So far I have not been able to find anyone else who has added the Nav.
Submitted: 5 years ago.
Category: Ford
Expert:  GTSteve054 replied 5 years ago.

GTSteve054 :

Hi there. Unfortunately, nav can't be added to the my ford touch system. We get this all the time. Straight from ford, "Currently adding navigation is not an option and should not be attempted." When i asked if it will ever be possible, they said they can't rule it out, but for now, no. They have different hardware, not just software. The gps antenna is for the turn by turn directions. They don't have sync services in Canada? That is just wrong. Can't see how they can sell you a product that doesn't work to it's full potential. Maybe check sync my and email them. Lots of people love the turn buy turn nav. I thought it was in US and Canada, maybe wrong though. Anyway, sorry but adding nav to that system is currently not possible. Good luck, those are nice trucks.