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i need a parts diagram for 2001 f350 superduty for front axel have noise when turning

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i need a parts diagram for 2001 f350 superduty for front axel have noise when turning
Hi, welcome to my name is XXXXX XXXXX I will be answering your question.






Item Part Number Description
1 Bearing cap (part of 3010)
2 4222 Differential bearing cup
3 4211 Differential pinion shaft
4 4228 Differential side gear thrust washer
5 4236 Differential side gear
6 4215 Differential pinion gear
7 4230 Differential pinion thrust washer
8 3010 Differential housing
9 4662 Collapsible spacer
10 4616 Differential drive pinion bearing cup
11 4670 Front axle pinion shaft oil baffle
12 372632-S Washer
13 354845-38 Nut
14 4851 Pinion flange
15 4859 Drive pinion oil seal deflector
16 4676 Front axle drive pinion seal
17 4621 Differential pinion bearing
18 3254 Axle shaft oil seal
19 4628 Front axle pinion bearing cup
20 4630 Differential pinion bearing
21 4109 Drive pinion position shim
22 3222 Differential ring gear and pinion
23 4241 Differential pinion shaft lock pin
24 4033 Differential housing cover
25 853051-S Fill plug
26 3C323 Bolt
27 4067 Differential bearing shim
28 355765-S Bolt
29 1244 Differential bearing
30 350672-S Bolt
31 4204 Differential case


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Did you replace the locking hub assembly for the 4x4 or the actual hub and bearing assembly? The hub and bearing assemblies are what goes bad.

Diagnostic Routine — Noise Louder on Turns (Sweeping)

Possible Component Reference/Action
  • Wheel end bearing
  • CHECK the wheel end bearing for wear or damage. INSTALL a new bearing.
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

we've replaced the bearing assembly and the diagram doesn't show the ends or the hubs of the axels


They do not have a break down picture of the hub assembly.




Customer: replied 4 years ago.
i guess what i can't see is there a bearing or seal at end of axel tube that stabilizes the axel is that my noise

That seal where the arrow is is just a dust seal it will not make any noise. They have a updated version that does not attach to the axle it goes in the end of the axle tube itself.
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