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96 Ford Probe: removing..door panel and switches they found..reg

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I have a 96 Ford Probe GT. My passenger side window regulator needs replacing as it was missing when I bought the car. Well, I have a new regulator to put in and took it to a window specialist to have it put in and upon removing the door panel and switches they found that the 2 window reg. track guide rollers are missing (the ones that are up against the window where the reg. attaches to the window). The technicians said they cannot install the reg. until I get 2 new bracket assemblies that contain the bolts, washers, nuts, and track guide rollers that will hold the reg. to the window so the reg. can slide up and down the track correctly. I do not understand why I cannot just buy some replacement rollers and the techs just attach them to the bracket and hardware permanently somehow and then the reg. can be installed? They insist it cannot be done that way and I will have to find those 2 bracket assemblies with all the hardware and rollers already attached and ready to install.

Hi there


The bracket that is missing is what makes the conection between the glass and the window regulator ,, I do not know why it was removed , but usaly we never have to ,, the bracket is made custom at the correct angle and roller size to make the system work , so the tech cant just make one , or make something work , it needs the proper bracket in order to work , Ford only makes part for 10 years and then they do not have to anymore , so your only bet is a junk yard ,, there are some places that are cheap ware you find the car and pull the part your self,, or you can pay a little more money and just call the junk yard and they will pull the part off for you and you just pick it up , or they will mail it to you .. it is sad that the person before did not know what they ware doing and removed the bracket t, but at this point the car needs it to work , you cant work around it , and the junk yard is the best place to find one ..

any more info just ask , we can go back and forth on this page



Customer: replied 5 years ago.
Thanks Chris. But I forgot to mention that the 2 original brackets are already on the old window with the hardware in place. Just the rollers are missing. And they are telling me that I need to go buy 2 more bracket assemblies with the rollers already attached because they would not be able to attach the rollers. This is the part that doesn't make sense to me. Why can't they attach or affix the rollers somehow? Aren't they supposed to be techicians? Please tell me if this can be done and then I will go to them and show/tell them that it can be done so they can finally put this regulator in for me. They don't seem to be familiar with Ford Probe window regulators at all. And no one actually does around here where I stay so that is why I am on this site asking for help. Hope to hear back from you soon.

Ford does not service the rollers on there own , and even if they did ,, they would not make them anymore due to they only make parts for cars for 10 years ,, I have never been in the position ware I needed to replace them ,, its kind of something that never brakes or gets replaced , thats why its odd that they are missing ,,




chk out e-bay , they have the whole door glass for $50-$75 ,, it should have the brackets and rollers on it



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Customer: replied 5 years ago.
Thanks Chris for your help. But do you think it is possible if I could buy some replacement rollers then somebody should be able to affix these rollers to the bracket/hardware already in place? Or is this just impossible? And when you reply back could you please attach a page/pages from the 96 Probe's parts manual with a complete picture of the area in question(rollers, hardware, bracket to window connections)? Hope to hear back from you soon.
Customer: replied 5 years ago.
Hi Chris. You said on your profile that you would be happy to answer any follow-up questions. Well, I asked you a follow-up question on Sunday March 4th and still haven't heard anything back from you. Have you reviewed the question yet? Please don't forget. I really value your opinion on this subject and am looking forward to your response. Hope to hear from you soon. Thanks.

yes if you did find rollers for it , there should be some way to secure them to the bracket,there is always a way to secure something to another thing , but it would be easer to just get the bracket on the glass that has the rollers on it ,, this is the way its serviced ,, I do not have access to parts manuals, just the shop manual , and thats the pic i sent you already . I would hit the junk yards this weekend and get the bracket with roller's on it ,, or a hole glass, it should be cheap .. you may find one with a broken glass and you can just get the bracket out, it slides right out from the top ,