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2007 F-250: wOnt start..TBC Fault after protracted cranking

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2007 F-250 6.0 diesel wOn't start, showing TBC Fault after protracted cranking. What can I do to get it started?!?

Hello JACUSTOMER-8i06wiu0


I am a Ford Diesel Master and am here to help you. The tbc fault is normal after extended crank. The problem you are having is either a Ficm not working or a High psi oil leak. Try this: open the hood and turn the key on an listen for the injectors to cycle rapidly for at least 10 seconds. Let me know what you hear.

Customer: replied 5 years ago.
I hear them cycling, but it still won't start. My fuel filters were recently changed At my local dealership and I've been having intermittent problems starting, since.

It seems to only happen when the truck has been running and is up to temperature. When it's cold, it seems to start, normally. Currently, I'm stranded 1 hr from farm and have important loads to haul early Monday morning.

Wonder if there's air? Inthe fuel line, a bubble? Burns perfectly when started. Any ideas would be helpful!
Nope the problem is a high psi oil leak from either the stc bracket at the high psi pump or one of the dummy plugs in the high psi rails. Either one will require either removing the valve covers for the dummy plugs or the turbo to access the high psi pump. You can use a little bit of starting fluid in the air filter to boost the oil psi by firing the engine. This will over come the leak and keep it running until you get home. Do not use more than a two second spray or you can damage the engine. Turn the key on for at least 20 seconds before spraying to keep the glow plugs from getting damaged and then crank the truck after you spray. Once running g do not shut it off until you get home.
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