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Ford Expedition Eddie Bauer I have a 2003 Ford Expedition

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I have a 2003 Ford Expedition 5.4 EB with rear AC. I cannot find the orifice and / or orifices. Compressor crapped out and I am replacing but won't do anything till i can find the orifice(s). Where are they?

rmldaytona :

Hello. Tehe front expansion valve is located behind the PCM (powertrain controm module). Turn the ignition switch off. Disconnect the PCM connectors.

Full Size Image
Remove the PCM bolts.
Full Size Image
Remove the evaporator line fittings.
Full Size Image
Position the wiring harness aside and remove the bolt for the expansion valve. Remove the expansion valve.
Full Size Image
The expansion valve for the rear is located behing the right rear trim panel (passanger side). Remove the lines to the expansion valve and remove the expansion valve.
Full Size Image

rmldaytona :

Flush the sustem with a flush tool and I find Acetone to be the best as it evaporates the fastest. Use ALL new seals during reasembly, use a new accumulator, and vacuum the system down for at least 45 minutes. For dual (fr and rear) systems I like to vacuum down for at least 1hour and 30 minutes to assure all cleaner is evaporated. Make sure you fill all comonents with Pag oil. Specifications are as follows... With dual systems the oil capacity should be evenly distributed through out the evaporators, accumulator and compressor for a total of 414 ml (14 oz). Refrigerant charge is 134A capacity of 54 oz (1.53 kg).

rmldaytona :

Before reconnecting the battery, clean the throttle body as the PCM will have an easier time loearning the idle speed than with a dirty throttle plate.

rmldaytona :

Any questions?

rmldaytona :

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If I had only waited a few more minutes I would have realized that with expansion valves there are no orifice tubes. Damn modern crap.

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