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Don Knight
Don Knight, ASE Certified Technician
Category: Ford
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Experience:  Over 40Years experiance with all makes and modles
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2006 Ford Fusion SE: v6 90,000 mi..left front..... it doesnt work

Customer Question

2006 Ford Fusion SE v6 90,000 mi.
My two back turn signals work.
My left front turn signal does not work and if you put a bulb in it, it will stay lit even if you are not using the turn signals. Also, both left and right signals read on dash 'check signal (either) left or right' but sometimes my left one does not always say this.
My right turn signal does not work at all and when it first happened we bought a new bulb put it in and i turned the right signal on and it would flash once really quick but thats it... it no longer does this... it doesn't work at all now.
(the back turn signals do both blink really fast) but like i said, sometimes my left one doesn't.

Also, sometimes my airbag light will come on... like every couple months???

Any suggestions.
Submitted: 6 years ago.
Category: Ford
Expert:  Don Knight replied 6 years ago.

Don Knight :

The first thing to check is the blue/green wire at the blub connector.If you have power there check the black/gray wire for a ground.Also make sure that you are using the correct blub,it should be a #3457.If you put the wrong blub in it can cause this problem.One other thing I would like you to do is to turn the flasher on and see if all the blubs work correctly.Please let me know what you find,Don